Monday, March 11, 2013

A Super FAST, Active Weekend

This weekend was a fast and active one!

I had a race Saturday morning and it was fun!  This was the first year of the Paces for Pieces race for autism awareness.  It was a larger race and had a lot of really talented runners in it.

Going into the race, I was really curious about the course. It was a combination of road and trail with most of the second mile run on a dirt trail. I loved it!  I was very, very pleased with my result, too!  I finished as the second female and ninth overall, but even more exciting than that, I not only PR'd, I reached one of my 2013 goals: a 5K race in less than 21 minutes.  I run under 21 on my normal runs pretty consistently, but I've always been a few seconds over in a race.  On Saturday, I ran a 20:15!  I was so excited!

The boys had a soccer game Saturday morning at the same time as my race.  {As a side note, I really didn't enjoy missing their game!  It's the first thing I've ever missed.}  My mom came to see my race which made my day! Kevin and K.C. came out after the soccer game and made it in time for the awards ceremony.  Along with the race, there were several great vendors giving away things including delicious hamburgers and hot dogs.  This race is one of my favorites, to date!

The boys and I weren't the only ones being super active this weekend; Kevin was, too!  He's playing in a flag football league and he's really good!

While Kevin had practice Saturday afternoon, my mom and I went to do some birthday shopping for him and stopped by for some froyo {which I can't ever resist!}.  After shopping, I stopped by the gym for a regular weight workout and then ran another 3.1 miles.  I'd say Saturday was a pretty successful fitness day: 6.2 miles and a gym workout!

Kevin and I had a date night Saturday night.  It was fun!  We went shopping and then had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We hadn't been there in forever, but had a gift card I won at a race and decided to go there.  It was good!

We had a fun day yesterday, too.  We started our day off late (really late) due to the time change and staying up late, but we had fun.  I went for another run (3.1) and watched Kevin's football game.  I was so impressed with him.  He's so fast and so good!  I wish I had a picture of him in action, particularly when he basically tackled some guy.  It's nice to get to watch him do something he enjoys and he's so good at doing!

Kevin's birthday is tomorrow, so last night, Kaden and I made a cake.  Kaden is definitely my little chef.  I let him make the whole cake by himself {minus the cracking of the eggs} and he was so proud.

In this process of eating healthy, I'm also trying to switch over to mostly organic products.  I picked up these eggs yesterday.  When I pulled them out, Kaden immediately said, "chocolate eggs!"  It was too funny!

On a totally unrelated note, would you please pray for my family?

  • On Friday, we found out that KT's mom has cancer.  Until she has some tests, all we know is that it is in a lymph node.  She has incredibly great spirits and is an extremely strong woman.  We are praying and believing in total healing for her. 
  • My grandmother is also dealing with some health issues and I'd appreciate your prayers for her.
  • Please also continue to pray for us as Kevin is job searching. He received some good news last week and we're just praying that it will turn into a job.  
Thank you!


Kelly said...

Congrats on finishing in under 21:00, that's awesome!!!

Ashley Robyn said...

EAK! I signed up for my first 5K and can't even imagine doing it that fast. haha I have a feeling some walking may be involved. Want to come down and do it with me!? :) Hope you have a great week!

Courtney Kassner said...

You've got a great 5K time! Congrats! I'll remember you in my prayers this week!

Sarah Tucker said...

Praying for you, sweet friend! On another note, you're a BEAST! A race AND a gym workout! Wow, move to Texas and motivate me!

Nilda said...

Found you through the blog hop. Congrats on your race! I hope to be able to complete a 5k someday.

Sending prayers to your family as well!

Jen said...

20:15?!?! WOW! You are awesome Anna! And prayers coming your way!