A Thankful Heart

On Wednesdays, I usually write a list of random things that are on my mind. Things from what's making me smile to what I've been eating to things I want to do. Today though, what's on my mind is the goodness and grace of Christ.

Recently, I wrote that 2013 has been a rough year. Yesterday, I felt so much hope and joy and my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving. Not to share too many details at this time, but my husband had a great interview that has given us both hope. Please continue to pray with us that the doors for the job for him will be opened. I am so thankful for the opportunity he had yesterday!

Last week, I also shared that we recently found out that Kevin's mother has cancer. After a series of tests that didn't determine where the cancer is, she had more tests Monday that confirmed that it is breast cancer. And it's the best possible scenario. It's very small and contained and at this point, we know that she will have surgery and more than likely radiation, but do not expect her to have to have chemo. I am so thankful for this answered prayer! 

Thank you, to all of you, who have been praying for our family!

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