A Weekend of Celebrations

My weekend update is coming to you a day late!

We had a great and busy weekend. We started the weekend off with a fun Friday night. We ran out to grab Mexican for dinner with Kevin's parents. It was delicious!

Saturday was a big day for us. It started out with a race for me. The Sports Medicine Challenge is one of my favorite races and I had a blast running the 5K. I love when I get to see Kevin and our sweet boys at the starting line and was so excited when I spotted them as we were getting ready to race.

The course for this race is great. It winds through some neighborhoods, so the view is nice. I was the first female and ninth overall!  My time was 21:32 for this race. Even more exciting, I won $100 along with the nice, engraved medal. Most of the races that have prizes are gift cards, so I was really surprised when I opened the envelope and found $100 inside!

Love them!

The boys also had a soccer game Saturday morning. They are just so cute playing soccer! I was upset that I didn't get to their game. My race was at 9 and their game was at 10, but by the time they got to the awards, it was 10:30. As I was pulling into the Y, Kevin and the boys were driving out. He said they both played really well and they had fun, too!

After lunch, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! (It was in the high 70s - beautiful!) We walked through the woods behind out house and went exploring and the boys rode their Gator around the yard.

Kaden and I also went shopping to buy some things to decorate for Kevin's birthday party that we had Saturday night. Kevin's dad cooked a delicious dinner and we all went to Kevin's parents to celebrate round two of his birthday!

We enjoyed playing after church on Sunday. Kevin is playing in a flag football league and we went and watched him. On the way to his game, K.C. told Kaden that he hadn't ever gone to a Clemson game before. I think he thought Kevin played for the Tigers!

I love weekends spent outside playing with my sweet family!

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