Fitness Friday {Good Workouts and Unhealthy Food}

I'm glad to be linking back up with Jen and some other wonderful fitness bloggers for Health and Fitness Friday!

Overall, I've been doing good with getting in all my workouts and adding some new elements to my current routine.  

Friday: 3.1 miles (21:00); gym workout with upper body, abs, and glutes (107.5 pounds, 60 reps); soccer practice
Saturday: 5 miles (34:36)
Sunday: 3.1 (21:24)
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 3.1 (22:00); upper body, abs, and glutes (50 lunges with 40 lbs and my legs/butt are still sore!)
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 1 mile; 100 weighted sit ups

Total Miles: 15.3
Workouts: 5 days running; 3 other workouts

I mentioned earlier this week that I'm really working hard to get more on my, ahem, backside.  On Tuesday, I did 50 lunges using 40 lbs and I am sore.  I really think that's going to work.  I have a race tomorrow, so today is a rest day, but after my race, I'm really going to start targeting that area.  I'm planning to do lunges and squats and will take any advice you can give me on growing.

In addition to working on that area, I also want to amp up my ab workouts.  I usually do a lot of ab work, plus with running, that area is strong, but I want to work on them some more before bikini weather.  

I'll take some before photos and will do after photos on May 3.  I'm giving myself 8 weeks to see a difference.

Healthy eating was definitely lacking this week.  We were pretty busy and ended up eating out a good bit at night.  I also ate out a few times during the work week for lunch.  This picture below was from lunch yesterday.  And yes, I'm sharing this so I can make myself make better eating decisions in the coming week. I would like to add that I did not eat but a few fries and I took those onion straws off of my burger and only ate a few and didn't eat the whole burger.  And I feel better now!  ha

My goals for next week are to run 20 miles, start targeting my glutes and abs more, do yoga or pilates one day and to eat healthy.