It's That Time Again

Random Wednesday!  I love writing on Random Wednesday because there are so many random things I want to share and that would make no sense whatsoever were I to put them in a single post in any other fashion.

I love feeling sore.  Don't start thinking I'm crazy yet, but I love the accomplished feeling I have when I'm sore from my workouts.

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

I need help.  How do I say this in a "I still want to sound like a lady" manner?  I wasn't blessed with much on my backside.  While a lot of women are {luckily} working on toning and slimming, I'm working on plumping and getting.  And it's hard work.  Seriously.  I use this machine at my gym that primarily works those muscles.  I use 107.5 pounds on that machine.  That's my body weight.  I've also done squats (though not consistently) and started lunges using 40 pound weights this week.  While I can tell a BIG difference, I have a long way to go.  I feel much more confident in my clothes, especially my skinny jeans, since I've started specifically targeting this area, but I don't know what else to do.  I've been working on it for like 6 months. I have this Victoria's Secret bathing suit that I love BUT I need some more to wear the bathing suit.  

Moving on.  I have allergies and they stink.  I didn't ever have them until last year.  It's not like I've moved away and come back either which I know can make them develop.  I spent a lot of time outside this weekend and I'm paying for it this week.  

I really enjoyed helping Kevin at soccer last Friday night.  We were joking because he said he always thought he'd be the one that would push sports.  I had to remind him that was before he met me! ;) I'm already looking forward to some things in the future.

Do you use social media during the day?  Given my profession, I'm on it all day long professionally, but personally, I'm not.  I don't post on my personal Facebook or Twitter accounts during the day.  On the flip side, I really wish I could engage in lots of the fun blogger conversations on Twitter all day!

My husband's birthday is in six days.  Birthday ideas?

I have a ton of projects I want to do at our house.  I need to get a move on them!

Have I mentioned before how over the moon excited I am that it's almost Spring / white pant / sun dress wearing weather?