Throwback Thursday: MySpace Style

My bloggy bff's post today prompted me to go find my old MySpace account.  And wow is all I can say!  Too funny!  While I was looking through my space (ha ha), I came across these photos and the poem below.  

1. Remember those crazy pictures we all used to take of crazy faces {please tell me I'm not the only one}? // 2. Hello, Hawaiian-print bikini! // 3. At a D-Now Wacky Games weekend. I worked with the youth at my church and someone got eggs and flour all over me.  It took forever and a few showers to get all the eggshells and yolks out of my hair! // 4. On the middle school trip to Florida... as a chaperone.  // 5. I'm cool!  // 6. My first class. // 7. With my sister at NASA. // 8. The classic Easter picture with Jaye in front of our church.  // 9. Wake boarding.  I need to add that in my "About Me", I talked about how I loved skiing and wake boarding.  I haven't done either in years!  My love for running and Lilly Pulitzer is still here, so don't fear! // 10. I was involved in our BCM on campus and we had a $10 prom.  This was my duct tape creation of a dress.

One thing you may not know about me is that I taught school very briefly.  To give you a shortened version of my long-winded story, I decided to graduate from high school early near the end of my junior year.  I had some college credit and ended up starting college that fall (what would have been my senior year of high school) as a sophomore.  I graduated three years later and at 20, decided to go ahead and get my MBA and enjoy being a little ahead of the game.  During the time I was working on my MBA, I taught English (I was English and Marketing undergrad) at my former school.   One of my classes read the poem "Mama, Where Are You From?" and had to write a poem in the same style about themselves.  I participated in the exercise, too, and this is what I wrote.

Anna, where are you from?
Where are you from, Anna?
I am from the warmth of April's sunshine
From a place where the fields have no end
From tag in the churchyard
To lemonade stands with friends.

I am from singing with mama and throwing balls with daddy
Playing makeup and dress up with cousins and friends
From strolling my sister to driving her around
From hammock swings with Bruce Hall to baking cheesecakes with Nana
From shopping with Grandma to playing in Granddaddy's boat.

I am from enthusiasm, determination-
My glass is half-full
From Romans to Proverbs
Always trying to be good
From youth camps filled with late-night food runs
To messy games at D-Now.

I am from an arena filled with ice
A gym full of fun
A softball diamond when I was young
From trails to run on all around the countryside
And waves that crash over my head in the ocean's tide.

I am from a thirst for knowledge that never ceases
From a love of books and quotes from beginning to end.

I am from beach trips with friends to lay in the sun
From daytrips to Charleston, "oh, what fun!"
I'm from shopping and laughing and dining out, too
From family and friends that I love and love me in return.

I am a dreamer still chasing a dream
A girl with a passion that never ends.
A heart that cares deeper each and every day
A vision for the future as He leads the way!