Weekend Recap

Did you have a great weekend?  We did!  It was really nice.  

We had a makeup soccer practice Friday night.  It's been raining so much that until last week, we had only had one practice and one game.  I know very little about soccer, but helped Kevin out in practice and it was fun!  When we finished practice, we grabbed some dinner at a local restaurant and took our sleepy boys home.

The boys had their second game Saturday morning, but it was the first game we were able to go to.  Their first game was the day that Kevin had the flu.  They both did great!  It's so fun watching them run all around. Kaden is by far the youngest and smallest on the team and he is so cute to watch.  I love how competitive and aggressive K.C. has gotten since just this past Fall.  He played goalie some and had a blast!

After soccer, we grabbed some lunch and the boys and I headed to Hobby Lobby.  I mentioned before that Kaden was upset that I hadn't decorated for Valentine's (I really ran out of time) so I promised him we'd go look for some Easter decorations.  While I didn't find much (Do you know of a good place for some pretty decorations?), the boys had fun loading up on some crafts.  We got sun catchers, a wooden snake and lizard and some plain white eggs they want to decorate.  We also had Sweet Frog.  You know I can't resist froyo!

Working on their sun catchers.

The finished products!  They did them totally by themselves!
I cooked a roast and brown rice for dinner Saturday evening.  I was pretty proud of myself.  I've made a roast once before, but that was in the crock pot.  I'm really enjoying cooking new things!  We called it an early night Saturday as we had two tired boys and Kaden was a little under the weather with a bad cold.

We didn't go to church yesterday as Kaden was still feeling icky.  We read a Bible story (Do you have the Jesus Storybook Bible?  If not, you need to get it!  The boys love it!) and then did some more arts and crafts.  I'm not exactly what you'd call artistic and I don't think I'm very crafty even though I'd like to believe otherwise, but we had fun!

After the snake and lizard were painted, K.C. asked to paint some more.  I pulled out some Crayola washable paint, covered the picnic table with plastic wrap and the boys had fun.  They are so artistic and I'm so proud of them!

 I love laid back weekend with my sweet family!