Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday lovelies!

We had a great weekend; I hope you did, too! 

Friday night, Kevin and I went out birthday shopping for me. While I didn't find anything I wanted, we had a great time! I love date nights! 

The boys had their last soccer game of the season Saturday morning. It was a rainy day, so while I watched from the car, they had fun playing. We always have a "party" after the last game and the kids all get trophies. They are still excited about their new trophies!

My three soccer boys! I love them!!

Kevin and I went to eat breakfast number two (we may have had some donuts for breakfast after we picked them up for the soccer party. Might I add that I believe that was the first time I've ever eaten donuts for breakfast!) with his parents after soccer and then it was back home to get some things done around the house.

Since the weather was rainy, I decided I'd run on our treadmill. I was feeling good and enjoying my run and decided I'd do 5 miles which turned into 6.2 miles. I ended up running the 10K in 43:05. I love running the Cooper River Bridge Run, but haven't run it in a few years and even when I ran it, I ran with people who aren't really runners and I'd like to see how I'd do on my own. While I don't think I'll be able to break the 40:00 qualifying time for the first coral, with my run Saturday, I know I can get in the second. Here's to running the bridge again next year!

Yesterday, we got to our Sunday school class and no one was there. At the last minute, our teacher got sick and our class decided to join another class. We got there a few minutes late so we missed it. We went ahead to the grocery store and got groceries for the week before going back to church. Kevin has been laughing about it because I always find some way to get him to the grocery store. I always do the grocery shopping, but lately, he's waited in the car quite a few times or gone in Target with me.

We had a great time last night! We gave the boys a Berenstain Bears game for Valentine's Day and played it for the first time last night. They had fun and each won once which always makes things better! After bath time, they had a dance party in the dark (the videos are hilarious!) and then we watched Mighty Machines before bed. I love fun nights with my family!

We're looking forward to a super week! Please keep Kevin's parents in your prayers as his mom has her surgery Wednesday.