A Delightful Birthday Celebration!

My twenty-seventh birthday was a success! That is if you take out the part where my husband told me I can no longer say I'm in my mid-twenties. (I think mid should be moved to 23-27.)

The day started out great with my sweet family! We had breakfast and K.C. gave me $100 and $50 bills he made and promptly told me I couldn't really use them because they weren't real and he'd get in trouble if I tried to buy things with them in the store.

When I got to work, my sweet co-worker had stopped by Krispy Kreme and brought in some delicious donuts!

Later that day, I stopped by Ulta to pick up a few things, had a great workout at the gym and had my hair cut and colored. There's nothing better than a fresh hair cut!

When I got home, Kevin and the boys had decorated the house! It was so sweet!

We celebrated my birthday with our family at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. It was delicious! After dinner, we went back to our house for cake, ice cream and gifts. I had a blast!

My mom made my favorite cake, caramel, and it was so good! Kevin did such a great job getting everything ready and left nothing untouched. He had even picked up some Lays Original Chips - my favorite! It made me smile!

My family showered me with too many great gifts. Clothes, new Jack's, gorgeous necklaces and a new bag. My favorite things, hands down, were three things from Kevin and the boys though. (Trust me, everyone knows how much I loved everything and I'm normally not partial, but forgive me for being so this year.)

I may have a slight obsession / addiction with the Bush Family. I have and have read most of their books including George W.'s Decision Points and Laura's Spoken From the Heart (both are two of my favorites, and regardless of your politics, Spoken From the Heart is very motivating and inspiring). Kevin gave me autographed copies of both of those books plus the children's book Laura wrote with their daughter Jenna. To say I was excited is an understatement! My husband knows me too well!

I had an awesome birthday with my family! Twenty-six was a year full of blessings and I have a feeling twenty-seven will be, too!

Please also pray for Kevin's mom today. She has to have some additional surgery. We missed them celebrating with us last night, but are looking forward to celebrating her being cancer-free very soon!

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