A New PR, Fishing and an Artful Weekend!

My weekend update is coming to you a day later than usual, but we had a great weekend!

Saturday morning started early with another 5K race. I ran in a local race in support of a children's counseling home that was actually put on by my Junior League. It was a great, flat course. It was cold (low 50's) and overcast at race time.

My legs were feeling tired Saturday morning, so I planned to just enjoy the run, but I ended up PR'ing. I said the same thing the week before at a trail race and ended up with a PR on a trail, so I'm just going to have to go in thinking I have tired legs and see what happens!

About halfway through the race, I started crying. Real tears. I was thinking about Boston and thinking about my husband at the finish line. At that very moment, it all became so real to me. While I'm not a marathoner, I am a runner and I run races at least once, if not twice, a month. I can't imagine having something that I love and that brings me so much happiness and fun taken away from me. I don't like the fear that things like this cause and while I was thankful to be able to see a police office at almost all times during the race, it was an eerie reminder of the horrid acts of last week.

After the race, Kevin and I stopped by a local breakfast place and while we were waiting, we were talking about how we could have been there. Like Kevin said, Boston is a dream of mine should I choose to run a marathon. We would've gone, he would've been in the crowd and we would've stayed to watch people cross the finish line because that's a fun part of the race.

Back to Saturday though. I was really happy with my run. I finished in 20:38 which is a PR for me. I finished another race in 20:32 a month ago, but the course ended up being short, so this was an official PR. I got passed by two guys at the end, but listening to music, I don't hear people behind me and I can't hear the people around me yelling for me to go. I knew I was the first female, so I was enjoying my run. In my next race, I'm going to take my ear buds out when I near the finish line so I can hear what's around me.

Kevin and I went fishing with his friend Saturday afternoon. I should say I went out on the boat because if the fish aren't biting, I'm not fishing! I really enjoy being out there with Kevin though and it's something he really loves. He caught three big bass!

After church on Sunday, my mom and I went to ArtFields. In it's inaugural year, ArtsFields is an event aimed at restoring a small town close to my own. There is over $20 million of art on display in the shops and buildings along Main Street. Darla Moore, the multi-billionaire financier, is from this town and has done an excellent job restoring it.

I met my mom downtown and we walked around and looked at some gorgeous artwork. My favorites are below. What's really cool about the festival is that there is an art competition including a $25,000 prize for the People's Choice winner. Several people we know have art entered in the competition and it was cool seeing their pieces.

After walking around a while, we headed over to Moore's Botanical Gardens for a garden party and tour. Her gardens were beautiful and I took tons of pictures in hopes to get something pretty to grow in my yard. (My thumb is not green!) 

All in all, it was a great weekend!

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