Friday, April 19, 2013

Fitness Friday and a Race Recap

Last weekend, I ran my fourth race of the year. It was a trail race and for a good cause. I love the course (I ran a 10K in this same race last year) and really enjoyed running the 5K this year. 

I wasn't really feeling like racing last Saturday morning (it could've had something to do with that sweet boy's birthday party we had later on Saturday), but went ahead to the race intending to have fun. This race had great prizes last year (I was third in the 10K) and I was really counting on an hour massage being the first place prize again. You better believe I thought about it a few times during the run!

I finished in 21:18. I was very happy with my run, especially considering that my legs weren't feeling great and it was a trail race with a few hills and some muddy patches. I was the first female and seventh overall. I ended up with an engraved medal (the boys like those), an hour massage, and two gift cards - one to Dick's Sporting Goods and the other to a salon. I was happy!

Outside of the race, I've had a good week of not only running, but working out. I've gone to the gym three times this week and run every day. In fact, I've run daily for the past 19 days.

.5 miles/3:35

3.1 Miles/21:18 (6:52 pace) - Race - 1st Place Female

2 miles/14:50 (7:25 pace)

5.68 miles/40:00 (7:02 pace)
Upper Body, Abs, Glutes

1 mile/7:40

4.1 miles/29:48 (7:16 pace)
Upper Body, Abs, Glutes

1 mile/7:40

Total Miles: 17.38
April Miles: 48.63


Kayla Peveler said...

You are KICKING BUTT missy! You know at this rate you'll be able to check off something on your new list "run for 30 days straight!" :) get ittt!!

Jen said...

21 MINUTES??!!!! You are freaking amazing girlfriend, and the prizes...oh my gosh the prizes! I freaking love Dick's sporting goods and can drop a pretty penny in there on clothes :-) I just bought the cutest pair of neon Nike shorts that I can't wait to wear to my next race, which is next weekend. Woohoo! And enjoy EVERY second of that massage. You deserve it!!

Bria said...


i stumbled across your blog and love your posts. i also run and am a mom and deal with the guilt, finding time, etc. it's so challenging at times to find time to do everything and still have moments of "fun". anyways, your blog is so cute and so is your little family!!


Jen said...

Anna you are a machine!! Can't wait to hear about the birthday party!