Happy Birthday, Kaden!

My Sweet Kaden,

I can't believe that today you turn four years old! F-O-U-R years old! You are growing up so fast right before our eyes.

This past year, you have changed so much. You've lost your little round baby face and your voice, though equally as sweet, doesn't sound as young. You also say "girls" instead of "grls" (and I'm glad Daddy and I videoed you saying "grls") and you really like the girls, too. At least you have a little bit of your baby belly left!

In August, you started preschool. You go to school five days a week and you love it. You love your teacher and your classmates. Even though you don't have official homework yet, you ask for your homework every time I'm working with your brother on his. You can spell your first name and our last name, know our address and have a very large vocabulary. You surprise me with some of the words you use correctly!

You try to fight naps on the weekends now, but Daddy and I love it when you ask one of us to go upstairs to read some books with you when you're tired. You and I don't usually fall asleep because we end up reading about five books and then we talk some. I love our little conversations.

Each morning, you ask for the same things for breakfast - pancakes and grits. And boy do you love them. You also still love your chocolate milk. You really enjoy mealtime and take your time savoring your food. And every time we get in the car to go someplace, you ask for gum. The blue kind.

Kaden, you are such a helper! You love to help us around the house and you love cooking with me. Your big brother is your best friend and you want to be just like him. You love to give us all hugs and kisses and they are so sweet. You're compassionate, kind and gentle (most of the time) and don't like to upset anyone. I hope you always stay this way.

You love books. Your favorite books are Berenstain Bear books and some of our Usbourne books like "What Do Pirates Do?" You also ask to read the Bible every night. I love the faith and love of Christ we can already see in you. Just last week, as we were getting ready for breakfast, I heard you say "I love you Jesus. Thank you for dying on the cross." You know what it's about. I pray this passion for the Lord will only increase as you grow up and that you'll use your life to serve Him.

This year, you took swimming lessons for the first time. You loved them! You ask us almost every time we are at the Y for soccer when you can take swimming lessons again. Soon, buddy, I promise. You also played your first team sport - soccer! This past fall, you played on the Tiger Sharks team and this spring, you were a Lucky Leprachaun. Daddy coached both of your teams and K.C. played beside you. Tonight, you'll start your second team sport, t-ball!

We had fun doing so many things this year. We spent some long weekends in Garden City and Holden Beach and spent two weeks in Garden City this summer with BeBe, Hot Rod and Stephanie and then with Meme, Granddaddy and your cousins. You had a great time playing in the ocean - you were fearless - and riding in the boat in the inlet. You even caught your first two puffer fish (you get this talent from me!)! You recently told us that your favorite thing about the beach is going to The Point and having a picnic. That's our favorite thing, too.

You and K.C. dressed up as Ninja Turtles for Halloween this year and you looked so cute in your Halloween parade at school (and I know you're looking forward to your Ninja Turtle party this weekend!). You were the cutest little Indian at your Thanksgiving Feast and we had a blast celebrating all the things we're thankful for with our family.

Christmas this year was a lot of fun, too. You and K.C. were really good boys and were treated with many cool things from Santa Claus. Leading up to the holiday though, you loved your punch out Nativity set from BeBe and reading about Baby Jesus. You also were quick to find Cookie Pole, our Elf, each morning. Since you really wanted to hold him, Daddy wrapped him up in a towel so that you wouldn't take away his magic.

Kaden, I am so thankful for you and the big boy you're becoming. You amaze me. I love your excitement over everything, the funny faces you make and the way you like to be tickled. Your temperament is so sweet, and your heart is even sweeter. You teach me new things every day. Daddy, K.C. and I are so blessed to call you ours! I love you to the farthest galaxy and back my sweet boy. And I'll always be your Princess Peach.

I love you!

April 9, 2013

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