To My Husband.

Dear husband,

I love you! I know that you know that, but sometimes, I want to take the time to write it. I'm so thankful for you because not only do you take care of our family and put us first, you're you. You make even the little things fun. Thank your for last night's candlelit dinner (and the extra closet space!)! Thank you for watching DVR'd shows with me and changing the channel before the "scary shows" start. Thank you for being the best example to our little guys about what a husband, father and man is to be. Thank you for cheering me on, encouraging me and building me up. Thank you for introducing me to Survivor and putting up with my aversion to Chinese and Japanese foods. Thank you for the late night snacks we share, the little winks, sweet kisses and laughs. Thank you most of all for choosing me.

I love you more than words can say!