Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What My Husband Says About Me

When I read that Becky was doing this link up, I knew I wanted to get in on the fun. I e-mailed my sweet husband a link to her post and yesterday, these responses appeared in my inbox. Here are some random facts about me from my husband!

  • Anna's positive thinking and outlook on life is contagious. If you need to better this in your life, soak in some Anna daily.
  • Anna understands what's really important in life (God, friends, family and health).  Every action she takes each day is for the right reasons. 
  • When Anna tells me that "I'll be right back, I'm just going to run one mile" that really means at minimum she's running two miles and possibly up to 7 or 8 depending on how much free time we have.  Also, she'll probably do sets of various excersice by the time I see her sweet face again. 
  • She is an exercise junkie!  She tries to get in some exercise upstairs at home while she's cooking supper from time to time which has resulted in things getting burnt.
  • Luckily she loves burnt foods (the boys and I not so much)!  I'm debating on whether she burns things on purpose because she likes them this way but uses her exercise as a cover up.  :) 
  • She gets upset when she takes time away from the boys and me doing things for herself even though she shouldn't.  She does so much for our family so time for herself is much needed and well deserved.
  • She is super competitive and loves to win!  Whether its her races or playing games at home she doesn't like to lose at anything.  Let's just say we've only played checkers once together.     
  • She is smoking fast but I know she can run even better race times.  She is smiling way too much at the end of her races and isn't tired.
  • Anna still has some work to do on the "Simplify" rule.  :)
  • She has a passion for helping and inspiring people and is really good at it! 
Thanks, babe! I love you!


Ashley Robyn said...

This is so sweet. It's great to hear these things from the people that know you best. Happy Wednesday eve sweet friend.

honeydos said...

Aww I love this... you can just tell how much he loves you :)

Breanne said...

I love this and loved checking out your blog, especially looking through your Fitness Friday workout logs! I love running too and am training for my second half marathon. I always enjoy seeing what other runners are doing. I look forward to following your blog! Feel free to stop by: luckytwenty-eight.blogspot.com

Priscilla M said...

love this post! I am stopping by from the linkin!! Cute blog!