Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Few Random Thoughts for Your Wednesday

The boys both had their first baseball games of the season last night. We were so proud of them! Kaden is playing for the Rangers and K.C. is a Diamondback!

I'll brag on my husband, too. His team won their last church league game 25-5!

I started my second straight 30 Days of Running Challenge today. I ran each day in April and I'm attempting to do it again in May. I hadn't planned on another 30 days, but the run club in my town is having a challenge and, well, I like challenges. With my past 30 days, I just made sure I ran some every day, even if it was only half a mile. With this new "official" challenge, we are to run or walk a minimum of two miles per day. Thanks for a tight hip, I'm trying to take it easy with some slower 2 mile runs the rest of the week before a race on Saturday. 

Our niece turns 14 today! I can't wait to celebrate with her tonight!

I'm so thankful for my husband!

Starting next week, I have Fridays off all summer! I'm so excited. I have a whole list of fun things I want to do with the boys. And I have a whole list of projects I want to do at our house. I may or may not be making some boards to show my husband my thoughts before I tackle the projects!

I am now addicted to Bear Naked Granola. I could seriously eat a whole bag... by myself.

It's hard to believe that my sister graduates in twenty-four days! It seems like just yesterday she was going to kindergarten. 

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Sarah Tucker said...

The boys in their uniforms are so precious! I have vanilla almond Bear Naked Granola on my table right now. So good!

Kayla Peveler said...

I seriously loved the video you sent me last night of K.C....I felt like a total stalker for watching it 3 times ;) I ALSO think you look GORGEOUS in that picture with your niece!!

Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Love the boys in their uniforms and YOU look gorgeous, love that dress!