Build 'Em Up: Confidence in Motherhood

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I've always been pretty confident in my decisions and I find some decisions easier to make than others. (Those decisions regarding where to go to dinner are definitely some of those I'm just not so good at making. My husband will agree.) As a parent, I've learned that there are some really easy decisions to make and that there are some really tough decisions to make. But most of all, I've learned that I can't second guess my decisions.

When it comes to parenting, I want to do all that I can do to ensure that our boys grow up to be the best they can be, feel love continually, understand the importance of family and most of all, know Our Father's love for them. I also know that the decisions Kevin and I make in raising the boys may not be the same decisions other people make and that's ok. I know that I don't have all the answers and while I think I know what I'd do in certain situations, I know that I can't be sure.

I'm confident that as a mother, I'm doing my best. While my path to motherhood has been different than many of yours, I don't feel ill prepared. I may have missed out on the infant times, middle of the night feedings and other early things, but I don't feel that's made me any more or less prepared to be a mother. It really just feels natural. And I had a great example of a mother in mine.

I'm also confident that I couldn't be a parent - couldn't be a mother - without God's guidance. Y'all, I can't begin to tell you how many prayers I pray about our sweet boys, their lives, our parenting and our family. My  roles as a wife and mother are the two most important roles I'll ever play and I want to do all I can do to be the best I can be at both of those. Leaning on God for guidance and wisdom is the place to start.

I don't know if it's because I've always dreamed of being a wife and having a family full of sweet children or if it's because I became a mother in the way that I did, I really just feel extra blessed. And because of these three (I'm throwing my husband in there, too) blessings, I want to be the best that I can be.

As it's been said countless times, being a mother is the hardest and best job you'll ever have. I agree 100%. While I know most of the time, my blog is upbeat and happy, full of smiling pictures and fun memories (and though this is true most of the time), there are some tough days. Some really tough days. There are days where we get up on the wrong side of the bed, times when we don't really want to do what needs to be done (this can go for me cooking supper and the boys cleaning up their toys) and there are those times when there's blatant disobedience. But all these things are learning experiences. I'm confident in that, too. I'm confident in the fact that I need to be an example and show love to my family even if I'm having an "off" day.

I know what works for my family may not be what works for you. And that's just fine with me. At the end of the day, I can't judge myself as a parent by what other parents are doing. All I can do is rest in the assurance that at this point in time, right now, we're doing just fine. That's evidenced in the love these two little boys have radiating from them, the apologies to each other when feelings are hurt, the "please" and "thank yous" and "yes ma'ams" and "yes sirs" that are said, the zeal at which they go after everything they do whether it be school work, playing with stickers, building Lincoln Log houses, riding their bikes, playing with their friends and participating in sports, the excitement over reading Bible stories each night before bed and the tight squeezes and kisses we all get each morning. So for right now, I'm confident that we must be doing something right. I'm also confident that I've got a lot to learn, but right now, I'll just take it one day at a time.