Everything is better by the beach and Mother's Day Weekend

Thank you for all of your questions! I got so many great post ideas from them and I can't wait to answer them all. If you have anymore, send them on!

Last week, we decided to take a spur of the minute trip to the beach. If you've hung around here any length of time, you know that my family loves the beach. We really do. In fact, the boys ask us to tell them beach stories from when we were growing up almost every night. Fortunately, we don't live too far, so trips are easy to pull together.

Kevin starts his new job next week and sadly, he will more than likely not be able to spend a full week with us at the beach when we go with my family in a few weeks. His mom also starts her treatments this week, so we decided to ask his parents to go with us and have a nice extended weekend at the beach.

We rented a place in a condominium community we've stayed in several times before. It's on the inlet and has a huge walk way and dock which the boys love as well as a nice, wooden walkway to the beach.

We went down late Wednesday afternoon and as soon as we put our bags inside, we went down to the beach. Due to erosion that happened over the winter, the dunes were huge. The boys loved sliding down to get down to the beach.

After we walked around and watched the boys play, we went back inside to get ready for dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse. If you haven't been there before, they give you huge rolls with a cinnamon honey butter when you get there. K.C. loves these rolls and specifically asked to go to "the place with the good bread." After dinner, we shopped some at Marshall's. We only have a Ross and TJ Maxx where we live, but love to go in Marshall's at the beach.

We spent most of the morning and early afternoon on the beach both Thursday and Friday after our great breakfasts. One of my favorite treats of the beach with Kevin's parents are his dad's breakfasts. He's told me how to make bacon like his time and time again, but I can't seem to get it right. It was a treat to have some bacon, pancakes and french toast for breakfast while we were at the beach.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous Thursday and Friday. I don't think we could have asked for better beach days. The boys had a blast and were full of energy, too. I think they would've lasted even longer on the beach had we let them.

Thursday night, we went to California Dreaming for dinner and then went to Sam's Corner. If you've ever been to the Garden City/Pawleys Island, SC area, then you should know about Sam's Corner. If you haven't, you're missing out. Sam's Corner is actually like a short order grill, but there's also an arcade that we all love. We had a great time watching and playing with the boys. I even got the high score of the day on the alligator smashing game! It lasted all of two minutes thanks to my talented husband who beat me. Of course.

On Friday, Kevin's cousin from CA who was down to visit family came over to see us. I know the guys had a great time catching up. The boys had some fun of their own with a play snake and spider that they played and played with. I was also pretty excited when I found my first ever conch (by myself) during a run along the beach!

Friday night, Kevin, the boys and I went to Carraba's for dinner. It was kind of an early Mother's Day dinner for me. We had fun and sweet Kaden fell asleep during dinner. He ended up sleeping about two hours! While he slept, K.C. and I ate some ice cream. It was good! Later that night, we met up with Kevin's cousins and played a round of putt putt. If you know me and Kevin, you know we're both really competitive people. It doesn't matter what we're doing, we both like to win. I was so excited as we were putt putting because I thought I was going to win. I shot a two on over half of the course, but the last six holes or so, I started slipping and got some 3's and a 4. I ended up losing by 3 strokes. It was funny though because as the strokes were being tallied, I really thought I had won!

Saturday was our last day at the beach. After we packed up, we took the boys down to walk on the pier. They wanted to see some big fish and sharks. We didn't see any, but we still had fun. After we left the pier, we stopped by the mall and shopped some. We got a few things for the boys and I came home with a new bathing suit and some clothes from Cache thanks to a gift card I found that was at least five years old.

After shopping, we met up with Kevin's parents at Fuddrucker's for lunch. Kevin loves that place and I'm glad we got to eat there for him. On the way home, we made a few more stops to shop. I ended up with some new running clothes from the Nike outlet that I love.

We got home late Saturday afternoon and the boys gave me their Mother's Day gifts and cards they made. They were so sweet! Kevin let them pick out gifts themselves which I loved. I got a beautiful red necklace that K.C. picked out (he said he liked it because it looked like shark's teeth) and a new wallet (I may have steered them towards that one). They wrapped the gifts themselves and K.C. even wrapped his card. I also got a new pair of Costa's. It was so sweet. The sweetest part of all was spending such good quality time with my three guys!

Yesterday, we went to church at my parents' church and had lunch with them and my grandparents. (And my mom gave me a beautiful vase of pink roses in honor of my first official Mother's Day.) After lunch, we just lounged around and enjoyed visiting. We did have some excitement though. We heard this loud whoosh/boom sound which ended up being a huge old oaktree falling on a shed. It was crazy!

Last night, we went over to Kevin's sister's to celebrate Mother's Day with his mom. We had a great time! We are both blessed to have such amazing mothers and grandmothers in our lives!

I don't know about you, but there's nothing I love more than being with my family!

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