Our Weekend and a Race Recap

We had a great weekend!  Our weekend started off with the boys' baseball games Friday night. K.C. played really well. He's really enjoying baseball!

Kaden, on the other hand, slept. He fell asleep eating a snack before the game (you should see the cute picture Kevin sent me) and didn't want to wake up and play. I help him on the sidelines for about twenty minutes hoping he'd wake up and want to bat, but he was tired and that was fine by me. I won't ever turn down time holding a sweet, sleeping boy. He assured us he'll be ready to play in his game tomorrow night.

I ran a race on Saturday morning. It was fun, but cold! We're having crazy weather (think 50's in MAY), so I ended up wearing long sleeves for the run. Here I am nearing the finish line. I finished second overall (20:48/6:43 pace) and was the first female. A good friend of ours who races most of the races I run finished in front of me. While I don't think I'll ever beat him (he finished about 28 seconds ahead), I'm always happy finishing right behind.

It's bad for me to admit this, but I think I can go a little faster than I go. When there aren't any other girls super close to me though, I just enjoy the run. This was the first time I've really gone all out since I've had that discomfort in my leg, so I didn't want to push it, but now I wish I had because I was only ten seconds from my PR (20:38). Kevin always laughs because a lot of the time, there will be three or four guys that basically just snake me at the end. I don't hear them behind me nor do I hear Kevin telling me to speed up because I always race listening to music. In this race, I took my headphones off and listened.

For proof that I ran hard at the end, a totally embarrassing photo!

After the race, we had some lunch with Kevin's parents and then went home to get some things done. Kevin worked in the yard and I did some inside work like dusting. Is it weird that I always feel accomplished after I've dusted and folded clothes?

Later Saturday afternoon we went to get frozen yogurt (or ice cream as my husband almost has me calling it). I don't have a picture, but imagine a large bowl filled with raspberry pomegranate and New York Cheesecake yogurt topped with a few healthy things like mango, kiwi and granola and then a whole lot more not so good for you stuff like Reese's Cups, cookie dough, sprinkles and chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

We also went fishing Saturday afternoon with Kevin's best friend. While I'm the world's most impatient fisherman, I do love being out on the water. I had a good time talking, snacking (yes, snacks are crucial when fishing) and flipping through a magazine while the guys fished for a few hours. 

Yesterday, we took Kaden to a birthday party for one of his friends. It was at Chuck E. Cheese, a place we usually try to avoid, but he had a blast and it wasn't too crowded. 

 I love weekends like this! Now if only the spring/summer weather would decide to come back and see us!


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