The One Time I Ran With an Olympian

This weekend was a great one! It was my second official "long weekend." I have a feeling I'm going to be spoiled at the end of the summer!

Friday morning, after we dropped the boys off at school, Kevin and I went down to the beach to spend the day. We had a great time. We went to his family's beach house where we met his cousin who's visiting from CA. After a quick stop for lunch (and a ticket - no, we weren't driving), we spent the afternoon on the beach. The weather was perfect! I think I fell asleep about ten times.

When we left the beach, we headed to my sister's school for her senior night. We got there late thanks to being stuck in horrible beach traffic, but we enjoyed getting to see her and having dinner with my parents after her program.

Saturday was a big day. It was race day of one of my favorite races. The race is for a great cause and draws some of the top runners around our area. The organizers' lost their son several years ago in a car accident and began this race as a way to carry out his memory and give back to the running community (he was a runner on his high school team and really good from what I understand). They are remarkable people and I love that I've gotten to know them through racing (they also run a timing company).

Originally, I planned to run the 10K. I've only raced two 10K's before and they were both last year. Neither one really showed my true 10K times either. I ran them both in over 46 minutes. I'm running 10K's consistently around the 42:50 mark now. I had a few goals going into the 10K: win, break the 45 minute mark that I need to break in a race in order to run in the competitive bracket at the Cooper River Bridge Run and break the course record. When I found out a couple of days before the race that former Olympian Zola Budd was running the 10K, I couldn't decide what to do. I knew that either way, I'd be running against some really fast, really awesome female runners and I knew there was no way I'd win the 10K. Ultimately, I decided to run the 5K. I thought I had a shot at breaking the record and decided I'd rather try to do that and watch Zola finish than run behind her.

It was really special to have someone of Zola Budd's caliber running in a race I ran. I didn't realize it until I saw the picture Kevin took, but we started out with one person between us. She was so fast! I was happy that I could see her when she broke off on the 10K course.

This race was my best rate to date. Not only did I beat my PR by 13 seconds, I set a new course record of 20:25. I was one happy girl! I finished as the first female and 15th overall. I felt really good throughout the race and stayed with my group for right at two miles. (By my group, I men a few guys I always try to stay with as long as possible during races. They're friends of ours and go to church with us and run sub 20 5K's. Always.).

 I'm so thankful that my husband supports my running and goes to all my races! I love seeing him near the finish line.

With my pirate bobble head trophy after the race. 

I was excited about the bobble head and knew the boys would be, too! I also got $25 for breaking the course record, a gift card to a running store in town (hello new shoes!) and a gift card to Road I.D. If you don't have a Road I.D., I'd like to encourage you to purchase one!

After the race, we went home and while Kevin did some work in the yard, I went for a run around the neighborhood and got the house dusted. We relaxed most of the afternoon and then went to visit Kevin's parents. His mom had her first chemo treatment Friday and did very well. We're so thankful that she hasn't experienced any bad side effects and that the chemo went so well. Thank you for your continued prayers!

Yesterday, we went to my sister's church for her senior recognition service and luncheon. My sister has gone (and been a leader in) the youth group at her church since middle school. She goes to my parents church on Sunday mornings, but is active in the youth at one of the church's where she goes to school on Sunday nights and during the week. The service was great and I almost teared up watching her walk in with her cap and gown. After the service, they had a lunch for the seniors, their families (my parents and grandparents were all there of course) and their prayer partners. Each senior had a couple assigned to them as prayer partners for this year. Throughout the course of the year, Stephanie received so many thoughtful gifts, letters of encouragement and even flowers. Her prayer partners are some of the nicest people I know and it was cool to see that revealed yesterday. After lunch was served, they had a slideshow and her youth minister said something special about each student. She talked about Stephanie's faith and family heritage of faith. It was so nice!

We have a fun week ahead. Kevin started his new job today (so thankful for this!), K.C. has field day and Kaden has a luau and his last day of 3K (where has the time gone!). As the boys and I left our house this morning to go to school, we were talking about all the fun we have to look forward to this week and all of our blessings. They each have baseball games, Kevin's team plays for the season championship, we have a play date with good friends, Stephanie graduates from high school and we have a party to go to and we're celebrating my mom's birthday this weekend. God is good!

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