A Jumble of Thoughts to Go With Some Pictures

It's Thursday! And time for some random thoughts. It's been an incredibly busy week, so I thought I'd share a jumble of random thoughts with you.

Last Friday, the boys and I went down to my grandma's for lunch. My cousin was in town with her two kids and I wanted to see her baby. We had a great time catching up. I wish we lived closer, especially now that we both have kids.

After we left my grandma's, my sister, mom, the little girl my sister babysits, the boys and I went to our local park to go to the Splash Pad. Unfortunately, they had to close due to a mechanical problem, but we got a free pass to go another day. We still had a great time walking on the nature trails and sky bridges.

My MIL made my day a few weeks ago when she gave me a pin George W. Bush had given her.

I ran my fastest timed mile last weekend. I was having a rough run and ran my first mile in 7:01. When I turned the corner on my second mile, I was around 6:24 which is normally close to where I like to be. I kept speeding up and once I got to 6:16, I decided to try to break 6:15 and then 6:10. I finished with a 6:08. I was happy!

I love finding the random photos the boys take on my phone. Right now, you can see Kevin brushing his teeth, me getting ready, a nerf gun piece, K.C.'s self portrait and some videos of play hammerhead sharks and planes. It always makes me smile.

We're having a party for our big boy in a few weeks. Can you guess what the theme is going to be by these?

I've had a clumsy week which has included spilling many things: my entire Chick-fil-a Cobb Salad (you should try it if you haven't) in my car seat right before a press conference, water all over my dress the same day and then mandarin orange juice exploded all over me when I was eating lunch at my desk earlier this week.

Want to guess what I'm tackling tomorrow?

Have you read my friend Kayla's awesome honeymoon posts? She was the most gorgeous bride and I'm so thrilled for her as she's become a wife!

Speaking of marriage, I found Kevin's anniversary present this week. Yes, I know we have over three month's until our first anniversary, but I found his gift and I'm excited about it!

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