Our Beach Week Part 2: My husband tried to catch a shark with his bare hands!

If you missed Part 1 of our beach week, you can check it out here!

Wednesday was another rainy day, but we made the most of it. We went out in the boat and Kevin and my dad fished. They caught a couple flounder and I just enjoyed being on the water. The boys were so excited when they caught fish and had fun helping them reel them in.

After lunch, we decided to go down to the Point. It's one of our favorite things to do. On the way, we stopped at a shell island to look for some larger conchs. The Conch Finder found a huge one and I pulled it up. It must have weighed five pounds!

While we were at this shell island, we were wading in water that was about knee deep in some places. All of a sudden, Kevin yells "shark" and we see a smallish (about 3-4 feet) hammerhead shark swimming close by. I grabbed the kids and yelled to my sister and her friend to get to the rocks. Kevin decides to try to catch the shark. With his bare hands. I tell you, he's not afraid of anything when it comes to the ocean. He even went after it! He didn't catch it, but it was fun (and scary!) watching him try. He thought it would have been cool to pull it to the shore for us to see. I'm thinking him keeping his hands in tact is a little cooler!

After walking around the shell island some more, we headed across the way to the Point. The boys love running around there and it's absolutely beautiful even in the dreary weather. I didn't take my camera out, so I don't have any pictures, but you'll have to trust me on this one.

That night, we decided to go watch the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (Single A baseball team in the Texas Rangers organization) play. This was the first "big" baseball game the boys have attended. I wasn't sure if they'd be into it or if they'd get restless during the game. They both loved it! Our seats were a few rows up from the first base line, so when it started raining during the game, we walked under the awning (where you couldn't see the game). The first time was ok because the boys got some cotton candy, but the second time, K.C. wasn't very happy about not being able to see the game. I did what any good Anna Belle would do and went and found us some seats in the upper deck portion that was covered. After the game, the boys ran around the bases. They loved it!

While Thursday wasn't exactly filled with sunshine, we did manage to spend a few hours on the beach that morning. Kaden and K.C. are fearless on boogie boards. They had a great time playing in the surf. Kevin and I went for a walk on the beach and got stuck in the rain, but found lots of olive shells, a conch and some other pretty shells on our walk back.

We decided to meet Kevin's cousin and her daughters at a bowling alley and arcade in one of the malls on Thursday afternoon. We had a great time bowling. The kids loved it to. Apparently, my mom has been hiding a secret talent from us because she bowled a strike or two.

We stopped at Carrabba's for dinner that night before going to Family Kingdom, an amusement park, where we luckily were able to enjoy some rides before the tropical storm came through. The boys love rides. We rode the Tilt a Twirl together and Kaden and I rode some kind of flying ride. They rode almost all of the kiddie rides, too.

Tropical Storm Andrea came through Thursday night/Friday morning, so we knew a day on the beach was out of the question. When we got up though, we had to walk across and see what it looked like. I've always wanted to see the ocean during a storm and it was really cool. We spent most of the morning under the covered portion of the dock with my dad and Kevin fishing and the boys playing around. They cooked their crabs and flounder for lunch and then we got ready to head out.

There's a semi-new attraction called Wonder Works at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. The boys asked to go to the "upside down house" all week, so we thought taking them there on a rainy Friday would be good. I think everyone else at the beach had the same idea! It was fun, but it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. The first floor had some cool things that we all did, but as we kept going up, there was less and less that we could all do. I was really disappointed. The top floor had a ropes course that I wanted to do, but the line was super long so I opted out of it. The same floor was essentially just an arcade, too. The boys had a good time though so that's all that matters.

We went back to Fudruckers for some burgers (I told you Kevin has turned my parents into Fudruckers lovers). After we ate, my dad and KT went to play Par 3 again and my mom and I took the boys to the mall. They have those big trampolines there, so I took them to jump and then they rode in some bumper cars. Once we finished that, we went to Market Common. I love Market Common mostly because it has good stores like Anthropologie and Pottery Barn and some really good restaurants. We let the boys play on the small playground for a few minutes and then ran in Anthro and PB for a few quick seconds. I think I could have bought half the store in Anthropologie, but left with a stuffed bear and monkey that the boys picked out.

On our way back to our house, we stopped for frozen yogurt. It was great!

After packing up Saturday morning, we headed home. We picked up our niece who had been down with some family all week to take back with us. On the way, we decided to stop for lunch at this great little hole in the wall place in a small town near my hometown. My mom stopped with us. The boys wanted to see their Hot Rod (what they call my dad), so we ended up stopping at my parents for most of the afternoon. I went through some old clothes I hadn't ever moved and sent Madeline, our niece, home with two big trashbags full of J.Crew, Banana and Gap clothes and took another two or three bags home with me. I had forgotten about so many clothes and I was happy that I was able to give Madeline some great pieces that are still in great condition (even some with tags) that I knew I wouldn't wear again.

We had an awesome time at the beach! And here are a few others pictures I forgot to share from my first post!

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