Wednesday, July 31, 2013

$12 bathing suit, planners and other random things

It's my favorite post day of the week: Random Wednesday!

1. I'm loving my new Erin Condren planner! Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets really excited about a new paper planner.

2. I sometimes wear compression socks at night. And my husband sometimes laughs at it. Seriously. But running fast miles, standing most of the day and playing softball at night makes my legs hurt and these feel amazing. Don't hate the awesomeness of this.

3. I am semi-obsessed with Sticky Gram. I'm literally Instagramming old pictures because I want to get some magnets. I have this big metal bookcase in my office I want to cover with them (the side that only I can see).

4. I love this man so much.

5. This has been my favorite outfit of the week:

Silk blouse and skirt, J.Crew; Jack Rogers

6. I'm pretty pumped about my $12 bathing suit from Victoria's Secret. I'm also going to look like this in it!

7. I'm looking forward to the weekend!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If I Could Turn Back Time

I don't like to spend too much of my time thinking about "what ifs." I love my life. I have an amazing husband, the two most adorable children in the world, an incredible family, a fulfilling career and loads of fun. Sometimes though, it's good to think back and realize the things you might do differently.

If I could turn back time, I'd play some team sports. I always wanted to figure skate and when we finally had ice here, I stopped gymnastics, ballet and softball to skate (and spent about 20 hours a week in practice). I had to choose and I made that choice. Looking back, I wish I had kept playing softball, played tennis and gotten more involved in other things than solely ice skating.

If I could turn back time, I would have not been so serious about school. I know this one has you thinking, "What is she talking about?" Really though, I spent a great deal of time thinking about what I wanted to do and how to get there. I wanted to be everything from a cardiothoracic surgeon to a newscaster, a fashion designer to a writer, a stay-at-home mom to a marketing executive and I was always focused. I wouldn't change the focused part one bit, but I would have spent less time thinking about the MCAT and more time enjoying the moment.

If I could turn back time, I would have run in college. I was always fast. I used to beat (or almost beat) the fast guys in my class in the mile every time we did the President's Physical Fitness test. One of my high school teachers who had been a collegiate athlete encouraged me to try to run in college. I didn't do it and now I wish I had.

If I could turn back time, I would have saved all the money I made in high school and college and what I received for graduation gifts. Since I was 14, I've had a job. My parents didn't ever make me work - it was just something I wanted to do. I worked for my granddad's business the summer I was 14 and shortly after, starting working in a small Christian bookstore in our town. I did that through most of college. I also worked in the marketing department of a technology firm and for a TV station (both part time) while I was in college and did some freelance marketing research and business plans when I was in grad school. All of that is to say I made a lot of money (especially considering I was still living on my parents' dime) and I don't have much to show for it other than tons of clothes. I wish I hadn't lived with the mentality of a big spender.

If I could turn back time, I would have done more with my girlfriends. My best friends and I don't get to see each other often, but we're as close as ever. I wish I had done more weekends, beach trips and out of town things with them that I did. We always talked about doing this or that, but when it got down to the actual planning, we don't have the best track record of following through.

If I could turn back time, I would have met and married my husband sooner. I think this one is a given. I'm so thankful we met when we did though because it was, as we now know, the exact right timing.

If I could turn back time, I wouldn't spend so much time worrying about the future. I wouldn't worry about what I'd do, who I'd marry, how many kids I'd have. I'd stay more focused on the now and look forward to the things to come because really, if I could turn back time, I'd tell myself that the best is yet to come. I'd tell myself that one day, I'd meet and fall in love with the most amazing man, I'd become a mother to our two precious boys, I'd have that marketing job I'd always dreamed of and I'd be so fulfilled. And today I'll tell myself to keep enjoying it all because there are still more amazing things to come.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Snippets of Our Weekend

We had a great weekend!

It started out with a cut and color for me on Friday, which as you all know, makes you feel so good.

After my hair cut, it was swimming lessons for the boys. I am so impressed by how well they've done this summer. They have improved tremendously and are so proud of themselves, as are we!

After some fun playtime Friday afternoon, Kevin and I grabbed some dinner at one of our local burger spots and then stopped by to see his parents. His mom is finished with chemo. We're so thankful that she got along so well and was able to get through her treatments as well as she did. So many answered prayers!

My sister spent the night with us Friday. It's been fun seeing her so often the last month or so. She leaves for college in two weeks, so I'm soaking up all the time I have with her home. I'm apparently the only one in my house who couldn't sleep late Saturday, so I got up and did a few things before taking my car to get cleaned (I'm bad at doing this as often as I should) and picking up lunch.

We spend Saturday afternoon at my SIL and BIL's pool and enjoyed dinner with them. When we got home Saturday night, it was time to tackle the rest of the kitchen painting. We got it done and it looks great!

Yesterday, we went to church at my parents' church and had lunch with my family before having a fun family night. K.C. got a new Nerf gun and he had a blast having a Nerf fight. Kaden was excited that he wrote all of his letters by himself!

I can't believe this summer is winding down already!

How was your weekend?
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Little About Me & Some TV Shows

I just came across the Commenting Challenge hosted by Jenna and thought it would be fun to participate some. Since I missed Day 1, I'll play catch up. Plus, I always love the "About Me" posts people do and it's been a while since I've written one, so I thought I'd do that today.

  • I've been married to the love of my life, Kevin, since October 2012!
  • We have two precious boys who are four and six. I'm so thankful I get to be their Anna Belle!
  • I'm thankful for the grace my Savior has freely given me.
  • I'm a runner. And I may be mildly obsessive about it. My favorite distance to race is the 5K, but I think I may have caught the half marathon bug when I ran my first 13.1 to see how I'd do last week.
  • I love my job. I'm the marketing & pr director in a field and an organization I'm passionate about. 
  • Frozen yogurt is my favorite thing ever. Especially if it's covered in Reeses Cups.
  • My husband makes me laugh more than anyone.
  • My favorite place to be is at the beach. I don't care what beach it is, just give me a beach.
  • I love to organize. I used to think it would be fun to organize people's life as a career.
  • Our two boys bring me more joy that I could ever have imagined. They have my heart.
  • I love to read, but don't do it nearly as much as I'd like. I love Southern fiction and biographies.
  • I'm not Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart/Rachel Ray, but I love to cook. I don't do it every day, but it's really important to me to make sure we have healthy meals.
  • I'm a Pinterest addict, but I don't take or have the time to make all of the things I pin.
  • Right now, I'm in a "decorate the house" kind of mood. We've painted the dining room, kitchen and half bath and have added a few new things. I'm trying to be patient and find things I really like before finishing everything up - which is hard!
  • I love photo books. And I'm really behind in making them. My goal is to make the boys a book for their birthdays each year using everything we've done during that year and then make a family book each year. So far, I'm almost finished with Kaden's 3 year book. And I haven't started K.C.'s 5 year book, their books for this year or our family book and it stresses me out.
  • I really dislike things hanging over my shoulder. I much prefer to get things done a few days before deadline than wait until the last minute. I'm the same way in my personal life.
  • Because of the point above, I love a good planner. Erin Condren's life planner is my favorite. It's an easy way to keep everything all in one place. I'm anxiously waiting for my new one to show up in our mailbox!
  • I love J.Crew. It's by far my favorite store. I think 85% or more of my clothes come from there. The ones that aren't from there tend to be some mixture of Tracy Negoshian, Old Navy, Lilly or random brands from different stores. 
  • I won't run in anything other than Brooks. They're my favorite and I don't know what I did before them. 
  • Watching our boys grow and learn is the most exciting thing and seeing what a great daddy Kevin is makes me fall even more in love with him (if that's even possible). 
And if you want to read my official About Me, click here

Now, for Day 2: My Favorite Shows

We don't really watch much TV when shows are actually on, so I don't have a favorite show each night of the week. I do, however, have a few shows I hate to miss.

My all-time favorite show is Friends. 

I have all ten seasons and I've watched them more that I'd like to admit! I watched a disc while I was running my 13.1 on the treadmill the other day and I think it could have had something to do with my time! 

We love Survivor! Kevin wants to go on this show. I think he could make it!

While they're a little slow for my husband, I also love Covert Affairs and White Collar.

What shows do you watch that we need to watch?

Monday, July 22, 2013

The One Time We Saw Honey Boo Boo

We had such a fun weekend! On Friday, my mom, sister and I took the boys to Riverbanks Zoo and EdVenture for the day. We had a blast! We've been talking about going to the zoo for a few months it seems and I'm so glad we were able to make such a fun day out of it.

Kaden was most excited to see the giraffes and was slightly disappointed that they're necks weren't longer than they were. K.C. couldn't wait to see the snakes and fish.

Our fearless Kaden wanted to touch a snake!

After spending several hours at the zoo, we went to California Dreaming for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon at EdVenture. If you haven't ever been to EdVenture, you should go. It's the South's largest children's museum and is located in Columbia, SC. The boys loved it!

As we were getting ready to leave, we noticed a television crew and my sister spotted Honey Boo Boo. I don't watch the show, but I knew who she was. Kevin joked that I should have taken a picture of the boys with her!

Saturday was a fun day, too. It was our niece's third birthday and we spent the afternoon swimming at her party. After the party, we went home and I made dinner and we just relaxed. 

We ended our weekend with church and playtime yesterday.

Have you ever spotted a "celebrity"?

What are your favorite things to do during the weekend?

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If I Won the Lottery, What Would I Do?

I've had fun linking up with Becky in her 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose series. I'm a little late to this one, but I still want to write on the topic.

If I won the lottery. Wow. That would be nice. I don't think I'd be one to plaster it everywhere and quit my job immediately or anything (although my husband will want us to I know!). I'd want to take the lump sum option and then invest it wisely.

Besides just investing however much we win in the true sense of the word, I'd also invest in some other ways. Things like these:

I'd give to our church. We have a campaign to build a new sanctuary and I'd like to be able to do that.

I'd give to organizations that support things I believe in.

I'd start a trust for our kids.

I'd pay off our house and buy a beach house.

I'd pay off any debt our families have.

I'd take a romantic trip to a tropical island and stay in one of those huts over the ocean. Shoot, I'd buy an island.

I'd take our family on great vacations.

I'd go to Greece, Italy and England. (And I'd like to be in London now waiting for the baby to be born!)

I'd invest in a few things I'm too cheap to buy now, not because I can't afford them, but because I don't want to spend that much money on them.

I'd hire a masseur for my husband and I because he loves massages and I do, too.

I'd also have someone come to my house everyday to fix my hair and makeup. And iron.

I'd build a home gym in my backyard and hire a running coach.

Mostly, I'd be thankful to be a "lucky" winner, but I'd remember that I'm already so blessed because I have everything I could ever need - a husband who loves me, children we adore, a great family, home and job, a free country and most of all, grace freely given to me by my Savior above.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I finally got Naked, 13.1 high and cravings.

1. I finally got Naked! I've wanted the Naked palette by Urban Decay for a while now, but I haven't ever picked it up. I was out of my daily staple by Clinique, so this weekend while we were out, I ran in Ulta for some shadow and came out with Naked. I love it!

2. I'm still on a high from my first 13.1 in 1:35:12. I'm looking forward to my first half in September. I have to decide how I want to train now because now that I've run this time for my first try at it (on the treadmill, too, which is normally slower than my road runs), I want to improve. I'm also surprised by how great I felt after the run. I ate a scrambled egg with toast and jelly before the run as opposed to my normal Better Oats Oatmeal and drank a half glass of water like I usually do. I didn't fuel at all during the run and drank a Vitamin Water and ate a banana when I finished. I felt the same as I do when I finish a 5K and had enough energy to last me the rest of the day. I didn't notice being really sore or anything either. I ran two fast miles Saturday and took of Sunday and Monday from running, but other than that, I didn't change anything which slightly scares me.

3. While I'm talking running, if anyone wants to send me one of these cute shirts from Running on the Wall, I'll thank them!


4. And if you really want to talk about other things that make me happy, let's focus on froyo. I think I'm going through a withdrawal. It's been over two weeks since I've had this goodness. I think a trip is in order this weekend. I found this really great pin yesterday that gives all kinds of great combinations. However, I do have to say that my froyo of choice isn't saving many calories! I opt for the NY Cheesecake with Raspberry Pomegranate topped with Reeses Cups, caramel, granola, cookie dough, kiwi, mango and sprinkles. Is it bad that I sometimes base my Saturday runs on how much yogurt I want to consume later in the day? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

5. I'm semi-obsessed with this new shirt (excuse the selfie) (and my monogrammed necklace because anything with my new monogram makes me smile!). I picked the silk top up at the J.Crew Factory Store when we were at the beach last month. It's perfect for work with white pants or a skirt, great for doing things outside of work and I know I'll love it with suits in the fall.

Do you tend to have a favorite style?

What are your favorite froyo toppings?

Are there any other awesome beauty products I'm missing out on like the Naked Palette?

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Super Mario Party for Our Super K.C.!

This weekend, we celebrated K.C.'s sixth birthday. It's hard to believe he's already six. If I could make time move in slow motion I would. Enough about that. I'm getting teary eyed.

Birthdays are a big deal in our house. I love the excitement they bring to the kids as well as the planning fun. We talk about birthday parties in our house months before they happen. Earlier this spring, K.C. decided he wanted to have a Super Mario Bros. party. And he wanted to have a Mario course in the backyard. Unfortunately, due to the excessive rains we've been getting lately, we had to scratch the Super Mario Backyard game, but we still had a great time.

To make his invitations, I downloaded the Super Mario Bros. font from and used some free clipart I found to pull together an invitation for our Super Mario party.

I wanted the party to be fun and full of things he loves, but still keep with the theme. Since we had it at 5 PM, we served dinner. We had pizza from a new little pizza place that's opened near us. It was easy and convenient to pick up. I also put together a Greek salad and my MIL made her delicious oil and vinegar dressing for it. We served Ice Power (powdered donuts) and Fire Power (Doritos) (both K.C.'s favorites), regular chips and watermelon. In addition to Chickfila Sweet Tea (you can't go wrong there), we had Princess Peach Punch (lemonade), soft drinks and water.

K.C. decided he didn't want a cake this year. He doesn't like icing anymore and instead, asked for an Oreo ice cream pie. I ordered one of those from our local Brewster's and had them decorate it in blue, green and red. I then used a set of Mario Bros. figurines to decorate it. Kaden, our little chocolate cake lover, was happy because I made chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles on top. I also used a printable kit for cupcake toppers and food labels.

In lieu of a bag of candy with some small treats in it for a treat bag, I made chocolate mustaches. These were a big hit! We also had a pinata because K.C. adores them. We filled it with candy and some other treats we picked up at Target. We gave all the kids clear treat bags to use for their pinata loot.

Since we couldn't go outside, we improvised for the games. We set up a Mario Brothers room (our bedroom where we keep our Wii), a Super Mario Bros. station (the den with Kevin's original Ninetendo and Mario game) and a Mario Kart Wii room (our playroom with Mario Kart using a Wii we borrowed from my sister). I think this was a big hit with everyone. We also blew up some ballons and filled them with coins so the kids could stomp on the Goomba's. I will admit that this wasn't the brightest idea.

Another hit of the party were the mustaches! We had some leftover from Kaden's pirate party last year and they worked great with the Mario theme.

K.C. got so many nice gifts for his birthday! He's really into anything that you can build and loves anything ocean-related, so he was in heaven with all of his legos, trains and tracks and Animal Planet sets. If you have little ones who like animals, check out Animal Planet toys. Our kids love them. He also got a Green Machine, some books and a few other things. One of his favorite gifts was money though. Mimi and Granddaddy and Grandmona all gave him a one hundred dollar bill - the number one item on his wish list! He's a happy body and we'll be taking him to the bank to open his very own savings account.

We had a great time celebrating our sweet K.C.! He is one of our greatest treasures!

To view my Pinterest board for the party, click here!

Mario & Luigi Plates, Cloud Balloons, Table Cover, Foil Balloons, Mario Crunchies & Gummies - The Party Works
Mustache Mold -
Super Mario Bros. Font -
Mario Printables - Marabous
Super Mario Figurines - Toys "R" Us

Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Party-filled Weekend!

We had a fantastic weekend if I do say so myself.

Friday morning, I decided to bake cupcakes for K.C.'s party and go for a long run. I've been wanting to run a half, but haven't bitten the proverbial bullet to do so. I decided on 10 miles just to see how it felt. I ran my first 3.1 on the treadmill while I waited for the cupcakes to bake, took a 2-3 minute break to get the cupcakes out of the oven, then ran back upstairs to finish my 10 miles. Those 10 miles turned into 13.1. I felt great, too! 13.1 miles in 1:35:12! You can read about it here.

After cooling down and cleaning up, I picked up the boys and we stopped by Hobby Lobby to get some more chocolate for the chocolate mustaches I made for K.C.'s party. They love Hobby Lobby because they love to build and paint. K.C. picked out a birdhouse to paint while Kaden chose a pirate ship. Kevin came home for lunch, so we ate with him and then we painted. They had fun!

When we finished painting, Kevin's parents stopped by with two of our nieces. My sister also came up with the little girl she's babysitting this summer. The kids all had a great time playing. I cooked dinner Friday night and then we went out to get a few more things for K.C.'s party.

Saturday was K.C.'s 6th birthday! It was really busy. I spent the majority of the day inside getting things ready and cleaning while Kevin worked in the yard. He does a great job taking care of our yard. Unfortunately, all this rain we've been having hasn't allowed us to play outside much and has turned our backyard into a swamp!

Yesterday, we finished getting everything ready for the party, ate lunch at Kevin's parents and then celebrated our sweet K.C.! (Full party recap coming tomorrow!) We also can now park in the garage. KT and our BIL moved all of the furniture that has been in our garage since we got married to the attic. It looks great!

This weekend goes down as one of those really good ones. And today, well, I'm recovering from it.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, My Six Year Old!

Dear K.C.,

It's your sixth birthday, sweet baby boy! I can still call you my baby even though you're not technically a baby anymore, right? (I promise not to call you that in public though.)

I can't believe that we're celebrating you turning six already. It seems like just yesterday that we had your fourth birthday party.

K.C., you are simply the sweetest boy I know. I love your drive, independence and determination. I'm thankful that I get to be a part of your life every single day. And you, sweet boy, are treasure to Daddy, your brother and me.

This past year, you've grown up so much. You started kindergarten and were fearless walking to your class by yourself. You did so well in school and made so many friends. You love to learn and ask us questions about how things work all the time. Daddy and I are so proud of you!

Your personality has changed this year, too, and I love seeing you come into your own even more. You are a funny guy! You make us laugh with your jokes and your responses to things.

You are so creative and quite an artist, too. One of my favorite things to do with you is to build things (and talk about building things). You are our little engineer.

As a big brother, you can't be beat. Your sweet, little brother adores you and wants to be just like you. I hope you two always share this special bond and recognize how rare it is.

You're quite an athlete, too. While you were five, you took swimming lessons, played soccer in the fall and spring and played on your first coach's pitch baseball team. You also love to play basketball, ride your bike, skateboard with Daddy and run with me.

Watching you grow from this baby boy to our little boy is definitely bittersweet. If I could play this sweet life in slow motion, I would. I treasure every nighttime snuggle, sitting in the chair reading with you, conversations in the car, sweet handholds and the many "I love yous."

I wouldn't trade one single moment with you because you are perfect just the way you are. God has amazing things He's going to do through you. I hope you always want to get to know more about our Hero and I pray every day that you will seek Him with all your heart.

I want you to know that the two most important things in our lives are our relationships with Christ and our family. God certainly blessed me when he gave me the role of Anna Belle to you a few years ago. I am honored to call you mine, my sweet blueberry ocean-eyed child. I love you more than all the stars in the sky! Happy birthday, my sweet boy!


Your Anna Belle

K.C.'s 4th Birthday and our first official family picture!