A jumble of things for your Wednesday

I can't believe it's already Wednesday which means it's time for another jumble of my random thoughts!

This week is flying which bodes well because it means the weekend is closer, but I need some more time!

K.C.'s birthday and party is in a few days and I'm well behind where I usually am when it comes to party prep. I won't even mention that I someone forgot to order the figurines for his cake from Amazon when I ordered everything else. I mean I had looked at these things ten times. Couldn't the Amazon fairy just have added them to my order for me? 

I have taken up a new sport. Softball. Specifically church-league slow pitch softball. And my husband is the coach. And I'm really having fun. I'm also the only person on my team without cleats. That's changing before our next game because I twisted my ankle and almost fell running in my Brooks which don't have much grip. This whole softball thing can't be messing with my running career. ha ha! No, really, I'm having a blast and thanking my lucky stars I haven't struck out (yet). Oh, yeah, and Kevin is pretty much awesome at softball. He's only batted twice and he's had a home run, walk off double and two or three RBI's.

I am so excited about Artkive thanks to Jennifer. I have stacks of the boys' artwork from this year and last waiting to be scrapbooked. I saw Jennifer's tweet about what she's doing for her little girl's work and I can't wait to do the same!

Speaking of school (and no, I'm not ready for it to start back), I was asked to be on the Teacher's Treat and Appreciation Committee at K.C.'s school in the fall! I'm really excited about getting more involved and knowing more people at his school (plus getting to see him in that environment).

I love my sweet family!

I'm really excited that Covert Affairs starts back on Tuesday!

My new Life Planner is supposed to be here this week!

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