A Super Mario Party for Our Super K.C.!

This weekend, we celebrated K.C.'s sixth birthday. It's hard to believe he's already six. If I could make time move in slow motion I would. Enough about that. I'm getting teary eyed.

Birthdays are a big deal in our house. I love the excitement they bring to the kids as well as the planning fun. We talk about birthday parties in our house months before they happen. Earlier this spring, K.C. decided he wanted to have a Super Mario Bros. party. And he wanted to have a Mario course in the backyard. Unfortunately, due to the excessive rains we've been getting lately, we had to scratch the Super Mario Backyard game, but we still had a great time.

To make his invitations, I downloaded the Super Mario Bros. font from dafont.com and used some free clipart I found to pull together an invitation for our Super Mario party.

I wanted the party to be fun and full of things he loves, but still keep with the theme. Since we had it at 5 PM, we served dinner. We had pizza from a new little pizza place that's opened near us. It was easy and convenient to pick up. I also put together a Greek salad and my MIL made her delicious oil and vinegar dressing for it. We served Ice Power (powdered donuts) and Fire Power (Doritos) (both K.C.'s favorites), regular chips and watermelon. In addition to Chickfila Sweet Tea (you can't go wrong there), we had Princess Peach Punch (lemonade), soft drinks and water.

K.C. decided he didn't want a cake this year. He doesn't like icing anymore and instead, asked for an Oreo ice cream pie. I ordered one of those from our local Brewster's and had them decorate it in blue, green and red. I then used a set of Mario Bros. figurines to decorate it. Kaden, our little chocolate cake lover, was happy because I made chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles on top. I also used a printable kit for cupcake toppers and food labels.

In lieu of a bag of candy with some small treats in it for a treat bag, I made chocolate mustaches. These were a big hit! We also had a pinata because K.C. adores them. We filled it with candy and some other treats we picked up at Target. We gave all the kids clear treat bags to use for their pinata loot.

Since we couldn't go outside, we improvised for the games. We set up a Mario Brothers room (our bedroom where we keep our Wii), a Super Mario Bros. station (the den with Kevin's original Ninetendo and Mario game) and a Mario Kart Wii room (our playroom with Mario Kart using a Wii we borrowed from my sister). I think this was a big hit with everyone. We also blew up some ballons and filled them with coins so the kids could stomp on the Goomba's. I will admit that this wasn't the brightest idea.

Another hit of the party were the mustaches! We had some leftover from Kaden's pirate party last year and they worked great with the Mario theme.

K.C. got so many nice gifts for his birthday! He's really into anything that you can build and loves anything ocean-related, so he was in heaven with all of his legos, trains and tracks and Animal Planet sets. If you have little ones who like animals, check out Animal Planet toys. Our kids love them. He also got a Green Machine, some books and a few other things. One of his favorite gifts was money though. Mimi and Granddaddy and Grandmona all gave him a one hundred dollar bill - the number one item on his wish list! He's a happy body and we'll be taking him to the bank to open his very own savings account.

We had a great time celebrating our sweet K.C.! He is one of our greatest treasures!

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