H&FF: I ran 13.1!

I'm linking back up with Jen for H&FF for the first time in too long! Here's the things: I'm off on Fridays in the summer and I tend to not open my computer over the weekend and instead, soak in the fun. But I've missed linking up with you all!

Since it's been so long since I've linked up, I thought I'd give a general recap of the past month before diving into this week. If you've followed along with my blog for long, you know I did a personal 30 day challenge in April to run every day. I did that as it was something on my goal list, but then in May, the run club that I'm part of did a 30 day challenge of no less than 2 miles per day. I decided to go ahead and join that challenge and did 30 more days.

During those 60 days of straight running (there were 4-5 walking days in May as allowed by the run club challenge, thankfully!), I also ran four races and PR'd in two of them, with my fastest race a 20:25 5K. Near the end of the second month, I was getting tired. And I think my body knew it. A few hours after I finished the challenge, I got sick and had a horrible virus. We were going on vacation a few days later, so I ended up taking ten whole days off which has to be the longest I've taken off in two years (I even ran a few times on our honeymoon). My body needed that rest and I'm thankful I took it.

When we got back from the beach, I started back working out and running. I'm happy that I didn't lose any speed during my break, but even more thankful that I've learned how to relax better. I've always had a hard time just relaxing and I don't like to miss a run (I may be a little OCD about it sometimes which isn't cool). Since vacation, I've been consistently giving myself two rest days a week. I know that my body can take exercise daily, but I think I perform best when I have a day or two of rest a week.

One thing that I haven't done as well this summer is work out at the gym. My summer work schedule is slightly different than my regular one which has impacted my workouts before work. Thankfully, I have access to a gym at work, so I try to squeeze in a workout once during the week at work and then fit in at least one at my gym sometime during the week.

Today was a big day for me. You know I'm always talking about whether or not I want to run a half. Though I like short and fast races, I do enjoy running longer distances for fun. A few months ago, really like 5 or 6 months ago, I ran an 8-miler for fun one day. That was the longest distance I've ever run.

All week, I've been thinking about signing up for a local half that's in about ten weeks. I decided I was going to try to run 10 miles today to see how it went. I ran my first 5K and then stopped to take some cupcakes out of the oven, then went back to run another few. I was feeling good and watching Friends, so I decided I'd run the full 6.9 I needed to reach 10 at once. Before I got to 10, I thought I'd try for the 13.1 since I was feeling good and I did it. I RAN 13.1 MILES in 1:35:12! Right at a 7:16 pace. I am walking on Cloud 9! I am so thankful that I did this run! My husband has been telling me I could do it without training for it, but I've had a mental block about the distance. I've felt great all day and I haven't been more tired or anything either. I'm so thankful!

So, now, my workouts for the week.

Workouts for the Week
4 miles/27:54
8 Minute Abs
Upper Body, Glutes
Softball Game
4 miles/27:25
8 Minute Abs
Softball Game
Rest Day
2 miles/14:19
Upper Body, Abs, Glutes
8 Minute Abs

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