Dining Room Update

Earlier this year, I decided I wanted to update our dining room. I had portraits done of the boys last summer and hung them on either side of the china cabinet, but I decided I wanted to do something more. 

Kevin and I looked at dozens of paint samples and decided on Stone Mason Gray. It's changed the whole look of our dining room and even the house as it's the first room you seen when coming in the front door.


On my first Friday off in May, while the boys were still in school, I set out to paint. I'm rather ambitious about projects like this and figured it couldn't possibly take too long. (Should I also add this was a day we had a play date scheduled for the afternoon and my sister's high school graduation that night?)

I started off by moving our china out of the china cabinet and then Kevin moved the cabinet for me. I patched a few places, taped everything off, turned the radio on and got to work. I had the first coat on by about 11 (is taping time-consuming or what?) and went out for a run to let it dry a bit. After lunch, I got the second coat up and jumped out of the shower as the boys were getting dropped off from school. Perfect timing!

The next day, I had some trim work to touch up and we had a few places we weren't pleased with, so I did some more work. I'm so happy with the way everything turned out! (Excuse the iPhone, not well-lit photos.)

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