Five on Friday


1. I can't believe this is the last official week of summer. I have no clue where the time has gone. We've packed in a lot of fun this summer though. We have a great weekend planned, too. Now if only the weather will cooperate! (I also can't believe K.C. will be in first grade Monday. First grade! We had parent open house last night and he was so excited. I've heard only great things about his teacher and think we have an awesome year to look forward to. Kaden goes to 4K in another week, so for now, I'm going to enjoy the fact that he's not officially a 4Ker yet!)

2. Kevin and I have a nice getaway planned for later this fall. We're going to Sapelo Island, Georgia. It's going to be so much fun!


3. I ran my fastest 5K ever this week. I've broken into the 18's and I'm excited about it! I would post the excited/sweat/smiling face picture I sent Kevin after I did this, but it's semi-creepy and embarrassing! I've also been given the opportunity to train with a college team in my town and got my first official practice schedule today. I won't be able to train with them daily, but my goal is to try to run with them once or twice a week and follow their schedule as close as I can even when I'm not running with them. On the docket for next week: 39 miles. That's almost double the number of miles I run in a given week! More on this later today.

4. Projects are being accomplished one-by-one! Last weekend, we did a lot of work on some projects we've been working on. I can't wait to share them all with you! We added some new pictures, put some finishing touches on a room and totally reorganized the laundry room. This week, I've ordered new bedding for our room, we've talked with a contractor about an addition we'd like to make in our den and I've caught up on K.C.'s 6 year book. I love having projects to do, but I love seeing the light at the end of this tunnel  even more!

5. I love my family! We've had the best week. I'm so blessed to have my husband and our boys. It's been a busy week (and I think we're all looking forward to a restful weekend), but we've had fun. From playtime to movies, dinners that have been gobbled up (yes, both the boys cleaned their plates one night which makes me feel great!) and a zipline for play army men coming down our stairs, we've had a full week.

(sorry for the horrible iPhone quality)