Friday Fun, Froyo, Birthday Party, Beach Day and I Look Like a Lobster

Y'all, this weekend was seriously great. It was the most relaxing one we've had lately and we soaked up every ounce of fun.

On Friday morning, I went out for a training run for the half marathon I'm running. I'm nervous about keeping my mind calm and not sprinting at the beginning, so instead of working on building up a ton of miles over the next eight weeks, I'm going to work on training my mind. I can handle the miles, but my mind is another story. I ran around our neighborhood and tried to stay around a 7:25-7:30 pace for a 10K. I ran my first mile or two around 6:58, but tried to back off and just enjoy the run for the rest of the time. I ended up running it in 44:48.

The boys and I spent the rest of Friday morning at home playing. My sister had spent the night with us on Friday, so they had a great time playing with her, too. They love their Aunt Stephanie! K.C. and I built a train track and a parking garage out of mini cereal boxes I covered with wrapping paper. And we all danced around to the music from VBS. The boys loved this year's music and ask to listen to it all the time.

Kevin came home and ate lunch with us and then we played some more. I told Kevin that days like Friday make me certain that I could be a SAHM!

Later Friday afternoon, we ran a few errands and went to find birthday presents for Nana. Kaden picked out a pocketbook and K.C. chose a necklace to give her. I love letting them pick out gifts for our family. While we were out and about, we stopped by Sweet Frog for some froyo. It was a great mid-afternoon treat.


We went to my parents' to celebrate my grandma's birthday Friday night and spent the night there. I went in the attic and found a few old toys that I loved that I've been wanting to find for the boys. It melted my heart that they loved them! And now I know how KT feels when they love his old toys. (Also, remind me to tell you about the time I broke the leg off of one of his Ninja Turtles.)

Kevin and I spent the day on the beach Saturday. We took a long walk, watched a dolphin run a school of fish, boogie boarded and swam in the ocean. Kevin played on his skim board, too. After a few hours, we walked over to his family's beach house and "borrowed" the outdoor shower to get cleaned up before new renters came in that afternoon. I felt sneaky!


We stopped by the Hammock Shops in Pawleys Island on the way home. I think I could buy almost all of the kitchen store. I have a slight obsession with kitchen products. We grabbed some dinner from the Shady Rest (this totally delicious off the wall restaurant) on our way home.

Yesterday was relaxing, too. After church, we picked up lunch and didn't do much more than snuggle up with our boys the rest of the afternoon. We had a youth vs. adult softball game at church last night that Kevin played in while the boys and I watched and ate watermelon.

Weekends like this past one make me smile!

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