Georgetown Weekend

We enjoyed our last beach weekend before school started in Georgetown, SC. Georgetown is a little, historic coastal town not too far from us. We went down with Kevin's parents and our niece, Michaela, who the boys both claim is their best friend!

We loaded up the car as soon as we made it home from work Friday and hit the road. We stopped at this little hole in the wall restaurant called The Shady Rest on our way. It is seriously so good. They have the best fried chicken chef salads in the world. I'd told Kevin about this place so many times, but it wasn't until too long ago that he discovered he likes it almost as much as me (which make me happy because it means we stop there on almost every trip to the beach!).

By the time we made it to Georgetown, it was about 8:00. The boys were excited that they made it in time to play with Michaela. We booked a hotel on the water and had an adjoining door room which was so cool to them.

Saturday morning, we went downstairs for breakfast. I think Kaden was in heaven. He loves breakfast. He got to have a little of everything - cereal, waffles, sausage and a bagel. He was happy! After breakfast, we packed out bags for the day and headed out on the water in the boat. Though Georgetown is on the water, it's a few miles from the ocean. We travelled towards the mouth and stopped at a deserted little beach where the old Georgetown Lighthouse is (it isn't operational anymore).


The kids loved this beach. It was so nice to see how natural it is. Even though the beach we go to is less touristy in that it's mostly homes with a few small condos here and there, being on a totally deserted beach with absolutely nothing near us was pretty cool! We took a walk down the beach and found some neat things (including some hermit crabs I was almost positive weren't in the conch and shells I picked up -- that is, until they started making their presence known in the middle of the night) and saw some gorgeous scenery. I didn't take my camera with me on the walk, but I wish I had.

While we were on this beach, a storm came up. We decided it looked like we better leave instead of waiting it out, so we packed up the boat and kids and headed back towards Georgetown. After a few minutes of rain, we were able to stop and enjoy some rain-free time. We let the kids fish and just hung out for a while before docking in town and getting a late lunch.

Georgetown has some cute shops and restaurants on the water that are all accessible by boat, too, thanks to public docks. We ate lunch at the Front Street Deli. It's locally owned and run. After eating a good lunch, the  kids were treated to some ice cream by their grandparents. We walked around some more and then headed back to our hotel.

Saturday night, we drove into Georgetown and had dinner at the River Room. If you're ever in the area, you need to go there. I had a Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese Salad with fruit. It was delicious. Their seafood (which I can't eat) is supposed to be great. I may have taken a slice of German Chocolate Cheesecake back to the hotel with me, too!

Sunday was gorgeous! We went up the Intracoastal Waterway instead of towards the beach yesterday. We drove up to this area called Sandy Island and parked while the kids played. After a few hours, we headed back towards Georgetown, but not before stopping a few times.

Kevin told me this story about a school boat (which I didn't believe) and dock project his dad did. Sure enough, it was true. There are actually people that live on Sandy Island which is only accessible by boat. They park their cars on land and then drive their boats over to their homes. The kids are ferried from Sandy Island to the mainland for school in a school boat. It all really blew my mind!

We stopped under some trees to make sandwiches for lunch and then found a place to fish. The kids caught a lot of catfish. K.C. was excited that his Spiderman fishing pole finally caught a real fish, too!

We had a great weekend exploring a new city by water!

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