To my first grader and an interview with him.


Dear K.C.,

It's your first day of first grade and boy are you excited! We were in Georgetown this past weekend with Mimi and Granddaddy and I asked you what you were most looking forward to and you said "going back to school!" without skipping a beat. I'm so thankful you love school and your friends.

First grade is going to be a great year for you. Your teacher, Mrs. Russell, is going to be great. You'll learn a lot from her. You've also got some friends from last year in your class like Isabella and Christopher. 

You were so excited at Open House last week. You couldn't wait to see your seat and look around your room. You were even more excited when you found out your teacher has the play Melissa & Doug Money Set that we have at home and Battleship - your favorite game!

It's hard to believe you're old enough to start first grade. It seems like you were just going into preschool and now you're reading, writing and doing math. I hope you love first grade and that your eagerness to learn won't ever leave.

I'm so proud of the boy you are - son, brother and friend. Always remember that Daddy and I love you to the planets and back. You are so special just the way you are - God has awesome things in store for your life!

I love you!


K.C.'s Pre-First Grade Interview - 8.18.13

Every once in a while, I like to ask the boys questions. I do it so we'll be able to remember what they were really loving (or not) at certain ages. It's fun to see what stays the same and what changes.

Best Friend: Michaela

Favorite Thing to Play: Video games and Despicable Me 2 on Anna's iPhone

Favorite Colors: Blue, green and red (he has three!)

Favorite Book: Berenstain Bear Books

Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob

Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones

Favorite Food: Noodles

When I grow up I want to be: an engineer!

Something I Really Like: Candy

Something I Really Don't Like: Broccoli

Favorite Thing About Myself: My blue eyes (We call them Blueberry Ocean eyes!)

Favorite Thing About My Family: Everything

One Thing I Want to Do This Year: Go to school!

What I'm Most Looking Forward to About 1st Grade: Playing Battleship

Favorite Sport to Play: Basketball

Favorite Thing About This Summer: Catching my first fish - a catfish - on my Spidey fishing pole!

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