Ninja Turtles, Homework and Other Random Things

1. This past weekend and this week has been great! Yes, we've been really, really busy, but it's been mostly fun stuff! I didn't recap our weekend, but it was great. The best race ever was Friday night. The boys had a soccer game Saturday morning and were so cute! We spent the day at my parents on Saturday celebrating my granddad's 87th birthday and just hanging out (and eating way too much food!). Sunday was church where we enjoyed teaching our sweet 4 year olds in Sunday School and then we had lunch with Kevin's parents and played outside with our sweet boys all afternoon and night.

2. I have the cutest Ninja Turtle in the world. Kaden has decided he wants to be a Ninja Turtle for Halloween again this year. He tried his costume on Sunday night when K.C. was trying out his new costume (he's been talking for months about being a red ninja and we were probably the first people to purchase a costume - he's just been so excited about it) and he didn't want to take it off. I finally convinced him he could wear his mask to bed (and we took it off as soon as he was asleep).

3. I can't believe that in almost two weeks, Kevin and I will have been married for one whole year. Where has the time gone? I guess that saying "time flies when you're having fun" is true!

4. I don't know who enjoys homework time more, K.C. or me. We are so proud of how mature K.C. (and Kaden, too) is when it comes to homework, studying (yes, studying) and school things. He makes us so proud everyday, any way, but I'm extra thankful and proud of how excited and enthusiastic he is about school and how well he's doing.

My mom gave us this little desk that she had for me when I was little. He loves doing his homework in it. This picture is from last night when he was correcting the spelling test he gave me. 

5. I'm so excited about a few things coming up! I can't wait to share!

6. I'm in desperate need of highlights. I get my hair highlighted about every 6-7 weeks and I need it. Now. Desperately. I had to cancel my appointment that was scheduled for two weeks ago and I couldn't get back into my salon until next week. I got a call this morning about an opening they have on Saturday morning and unfortunately, I can't make it due to the half marathon.

7. I'm really excited about this half-marathon! I know my husband will be happy when I stop talking about it. It's a big deal though! haha I'm going out with very minimal expectations and a goal time I'm tucking deep in my mind. I just want to have fun.

8. I really like the new iPhones. My phone is almost three years old. It's the original 4, not even a 4S. I'm not too high maintenance when it comes to updating phones. I think I want to hold out until a 6 comes out and then I'll upgrade. One thing I do know for sure - I want more space on my next phone.

9. I'm ready to pick up Meg Cabot's new book, The Bride Wore Size 12. I love her books and I need something new to read.

10. I can't wait to catch up on some shows. We've got Survivor and Shark Tank to watch from last week and I really want to catch up on Revenge. We watched most of the first season, but didn't watch last year. The preview for this upcoming season has sucked me in. I also can't wait for Covert Affairs to start back in a few weeks.

What are some TV shows we need to watch?

Have you read any good books lately that you'd recommend?

What's been your favorite thing this week?