A Year

I've been reminiscing this week about our first year of marriage. It was great, for sure, but it also dealt us some things we wouldn't have expected. But despite those things, we had an awesome year.

We had a great time in Holden Beach.

We had a fun Halloween.

 We spent Thanksgiving with our families.

And had a great time celebrating our first Christmas as an official family.

We had our first snow. (And Kevin may or may not have had the flu during Valentine's and the snow days and I may win the best wife award for brushing off his "I don't feel goods.")

We celebrated countless birthdays and other holidays - Valentine's Day, Easter, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

 Kevin played a lot of ball, I ran a lot of races and we watched (Kevin coached) the boys through soccer and baseball.

We watched my sister graduate and made tons of other memories.

We took a long weekend trip to Garden City this spring and spent a week at the beach this summer.

We spent a weekend in Georgetown and went to our first college football game together.

We spent countless other days on the beach and with our family. 

Most of all, we filled every day with love!

I'm looking forward to this next year and all it has in store for us! 

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