Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday: An Update

Happy Friday!

I'm back, after a post-less week, with my Five on Friday, update style.

1. Kevin and I had a great anniversary trip/vacation this week.
We just got back yesterday from an awesome anniversary trip. We've been in Sapelo Island, Georgia, all week. Google it. It was like being back in time. A full recap is coming next week.

2. I ran my first half marathon last Saturday!
I was so happy with my results from my first (and more than likely, last) half marathon. I ran the Darlington Marathon last Saturday and finished in 1:38:55. I was first in my age group, fourth female and 19 overall. I was more than pleased. I felt great until 10 minutes after when I nearly collapsed. Full story coming Monday.

3. The boys' played awesome in soccer last night and Saturday.
I'm so proud of how well they're doing in soccer this season. They both played great last Saturday. K.C. scored three goals! I'm pretty sad and upset that I missed his great goals and as it would be, the one game I miss, turns out to be crazy good.

4. I'm guest posting on the lovely Kaitlyn's blog today. 
I'm so thankful that I've met Kaitlyn through blogging. She asked me to pitch in some after her beautiful daughter was born and one of my posts is up today. Check it out.

5. I'm getting my hair cut and colored today.
I had to cancel my appointment a few weeks ago and today was the earliest I was able to reschedule. I can't wait!


Diana @ from rags to northrich said...

Congrats on the half marathon!!! Georgia looks beautiful, I can't wait for that recap!

Shannon said...

Hi Anna- I'm popping over from the Five on Friday link up and I'm so glad I did! Have loved reading old posts. happy anniversary to you and your husband- that looks like a beautiful place to visit!

Elise Houston said...

hey doll! found you on the linkup and am so happy to be a new follower!! :)

totally jealous that you're getting your hair done today. just sayin. i am waiting until when i go back to my hometown...eeek! a month to go!

happy weekened, love!

Andrea said...

I loved your post on Wifessionals...what cute boys you've got! Happy to be a new follower and way to go on your half!! -Andrea

Tawnya Faust said...

Stopping by from Kaitlyn's blog :)
Congrats on your half marathon, what a great time and achievement! I too am hoping to one day run at least a half, I'm working my way up :) I love seeing other moms that have done it, it makes me realize that I can if I put my mind to it!

Can't wait to follow along more!


Sarah Tucker said...

Congrats on your half! You rocked it! And happy anniversary! Hope all if well :)

Hannah said...

way to go on your half! isn't crossing that finish line the best feeling in the world?! Yay for you for finishing first in your age group!