How I Stay Organized: Erin Condren to the Rescue!

If you've read my blog for a while, you know that I love Erin Condren's life planner. A reader asked me if I would write about the planner one day and today is that day.

I've always liked to write things down to stay organized. I'm a list maker, too. (Who agrees with me that marking through things on a list is a very fulfilling feeling?) Even with the ease of my iCal, I still use a paper calendar and I don't see that ever changing. (Just to clarify, meetings for work show up on my paper calendar and my calendar on my computer and iPhone. And no, I really don't need three reminders! :) )

I use my calendar to keep up with everything, literally. Meetings for work, school assignments for the boys, exercise and running, family obligations, birthdays, vacations and even some things for Kevin - you name it and I'll bet you that it has a place (and a color) on my calendar. As my husband likes to joke, "write it in your fancy calendar so we won't forget!" And that's true!

I've used a lot of different planners, but this one is by far the best. I love that it has a monthly view with a place for notes and two pages for each week including a place to write my goals and notes for the week and some free space under each day which I use for anything extra and meal planning - when I'm feeling ambitious, that is! It also has a great section for important numbers in the back. Each calendar comes with colored stickers for birthdays, hair appointments, parties and more, plus a ton of extra stickers you can use for whatever you choose. One of my other favorite things about this calendar are the quotes scattered throughout it.

Not only is the inside of the calendar great, the outside is, too. 

This year, I chose the Candy Lace cover and had it customized in pool and hot pink with my name on it.

I can't tell you how many people have asked me where I've gotten my calendar. In fact, one of the departments where I work has even ordered them for all of its employees. 

Life Planners make great gifts, too. They're great for everyone - friends, family and teachers. We gave my sister one before she left for college this fall and she loves it. 

If paper calendars aren't your thing, Erin Condren offers so many other great products. From wedding planners to notecards and iPhone cases to lunch boxes, Erin Condren has something for you.

Right now, there are two promotions I want to share with you:

GIFT20 will get you $20 off of your order. 

50% off ALL Christmas Cards (The best deal in my opinion because you can purchase now and add your information/photos later. I have my "likes" narrowed down already!)

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I have purchased my own Life Planners for a few years and simply love the product and want to share it with you. I'm particularly excited about this year's Christmas cards. Trust me, you'll feel the same way I do when you get your first product from Erin Condren!

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