Letting Go

When I sat down to write today, I didn't have a particular topic in mind. I want to show your our Halloween decor, but I haven't taken pictures. I'd like to write about healthy eating and why I won't ever eat a hamburger from a fast food place again. I'd also like to finish my post on fall fashion and I'd like to share some fun fall things, but today, when I sat down, I decided to write about letting go.

I have a Type A personality. Our preacher's sermon this Sunday started off talking about Type A people and for the most part, every trait of a Type A that he shared is one I have.

One of those Type A traits that's proving to be very hard to overcome for me is the aspect of letting go. I've not ever considered myself a worrier, but that was before kids. Now, I worry about so many things I hadn't considered before. When I worry about something or something bothers me, depending on what it is, I tend to dwell on it. While it's ok to have concern and think, when there's absolutely nothing you can do about something, you need to let it go.

My husband is good at this and his example is one that I need to follow.

I want to share with you today that when there's something bothering you and you're drowning in worry, let go. Let go of your fears, insecurities and whatever else is dragging you down. Give it to God.

It's not always easy. Trust me, I know. Sometimes it's easier to just try to handle it on your own, but in some cases, that can't be done. It leaves you feeling tired, worn down and defeated.

It's easy for me to say I'm done with it and I'm giving it to God, but often after I do this, I pick it right back up again. Remember, as our Kaden was saying last night, God made us. He knows us. He already knows our thoughts, our worries and our dreams. He cares for us infinitely more than we can ever imagine. And those things that we have trouble letting go of? He's got those, too.

Let go and let God. I'm having to remind myself of this quite often, but it's so much easier resting in the assurance that God has this. Won't you try that, too?