Movies, Cleaning and Year-Old Cake

It's that time again: Random Wednesday!

1. Mondays are for movies, right?

We went to see Gravity in 3D Monday night. It was a lot better than I anticipated. The scenes from space were gorgeous. At the same time, it was all of my worst nightmares rolled into one!

2. We cut the top of our wedding cake on Monday night. Nana did a great job wrapping it up because it was still just as good as it was over a year ago. For some reason, the thought of eating year-old cake didn't gross me out.

3. I bought new shoes this weekend. Remember how I told you my mom and I went shopping and I picked up some things? Those things were namely three pairs of shoes. One pair is getting returned.

Jessica Simpson Mikia Bejewled Ballet Flats

Jessica Simpson Cambria Cap-Toe Wedge

I must've been stuck on this color and JS shoes which makes me think of Newlyweds. I used to love that show!

4. I'm turning into a coffee drinker. I'm not a huge coffee drinker. I'll have a cup when I'm cold at work and I'm a sucker for a good PSL, but as a general rule, I don't drink much coffee. I've had a cup at work every day this week. We just got a Keruig at my office and the Butter Toffee is so good. (I won't tell you that I have a Keruig at home that sits in a cabinet because I don't ever use it.)

5. I need to fall clean. You know how we spring clean? I need to fall clean. My goal is to go through the boys' clothes and toys and my clothes by this weekend. I also want to order a few things (like the boys' scrapbooks from ArtKive) this week. And I think it's time to start Christmas shopping. 

6. Speaking of memory saving, I'm doing good keeping up with some of my photo books. K.C.'s six year book is totally up-to-date and Kaden's four year book almost is. We won't talk about our 2012 or 2013 family books though. 

7. We have a getaway planned for next month and I can't wait! 

8. My speed is returning! I haven't done any true speed work lately, but yesterday, I decided to push a 5K run before work. I'm happy to report that I ran it in 19:21. Now if only I can do that in a race. A friend of mine asked me to go for a trail run and to a class at our gym on Saturday if we (last minute planners) can make it. I'm looking forward to that.

9. I finally got to watch Kevin play softball last night. Kevin's been playing softball in a pretty competitive men's league in our town this fall. Last night was the first chance I got to watch him play and I was so proud! His team is still undefeated.

10. I'm ready to catch up on my favorite shows. We are horrible at watching shows when they come on. And we're (mostly me) also horrible at falling asleep during them. I'm ready to catch up on Shark Tank, Survivor and Two and a Half Men and I'm glad Covert Affairs starts back tomorrow!

11. I've been washing my hair with conditioner for about a week. Yes, I'm telling the truth. I picked up a new big, bottle of Redken Real Control Conditioner which I thought was shampoo at my last appointment. I couldn't figure out why my hair was looking oily and greasy before a run, much less after, and taking so long to dry. Then, a lightbulb went off and I looked at my giant bottle of conditioner. Not cool, my friends. 

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What are your favorite shows?

Do you purge things each fall?

I need some new gold ballet flats. What's your favorite brand?