10K Turkey Run: A New PR

This past Saturday, I ran in a 10K Turkey Run. I don't do a lot of 10K races because I generally like the short and fast courses, but these 10K's are growing on me!

It was a beautiful morning for a run. I bundled up in my leggings, two layers of shirts and a pullover and headed off to the race. Kevin and the boys were going to meet me at the end of the race. I hate for the boys to stay out in the cold and all of them to have to wait around for me when I'm running 10K's.

The course was 3.1 miles out and then 3.1 miles back. I really like courses like this because when I get to the halfway point and turn around, I always know I have less to run than I've already run. I think it's just a mental thing! I ran most of the race (about 5.8 miles or so) with a friend of ours, so that was great. It's always easier to run with someone on long distances.

I finished in 43:06 (6:57 pace). Had I known I was that close to finishing in the 42's, I would've sped up because I had some energy left. I was really happy though with this race and PR.

After the race, they served whole wheat pancakes and turkey sausage which we all enjoyed. My mom made it to this race, too, which was nice!

I was the overall female winner for the 10K and fifth overall. I'm really happy about this race!

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