Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday: Christmas Edition

Happy Friday! It's been too long since I linked up for Five on Friday.

1. Christmas shopping is done! Each year, I say I'm going to be done shopping by December 1, but as of yet, that hasn't happened. Last night, Kevin and I went out and finished. We only have a few more gifts to wrap and then I'll really be happy!

We grabbed a bite to eat at Schlotzky's and I may have had to get a Cinnabon.

2. We're making Christmas cookies today! I love making Christmas cookies. It's a tradition my mom and I had while I was growing up and one the boys and I have done the past few years. A good friend of mine and her boys who are great friends of our boys are coming over for lunch and cookie making today.

3. Christmas Vacation! The movie and the actual vacation. One awesome thing about my job is that I get a good bit of time off at Christmas. I love it! I also (thanks to my husband) love the movie Christmas Vacation. We've watched bits and pieces of it, but not all of it this Christmas. That's on the to-do list this weekend.

4. A Fun Weekend Ahead. So it hasn't happened yet, but we're on tap for a fun weekend. We've got a birthday party, a Christmas dinner, the last Sunday before Christmas at church (I love the Christmas season at church) and I'm participating in the candlelight service/Christmas cantata at my parents' church. Here's a picture of me in the Christmas program at my church.

5. Pictures from our boys. One of my friends from work had a Christmas gift for me in this cute mailbox box. The boys, of course, went crazy over it when I got it home. Since then, they've been drawing pictures and making cards for Kevin and me and mailing them in this Christmas mailbox. It's so sweet!


Kayla MKOY said...

I, too, love church around the Christmas season. Just brings so much joy!! Baking Christmas cookies is also the best, I still need to do that this year! :)

Mariel C. said...

I can't imagine being that person who gets shopping done by December 1. I envy the organization!! Happy Holidays!

Ashley Robyn said...

Awww I love that they are using up your new mailbox box. I love the hearts and minds of little ones. I hope y'all enjoy that amazing weekend that is planned. Enjoy sweet friend.

Bailley said...

Heading over from the link up! Love your blog and list! That cinnamon roll looks especially delicious:) have a great weekend! said...

Love all of the Christmas fun! :) Hope you have a great holiday!