Thursday's Thoughts

Sometimes, I can sit down and write and have a lot to say. Other times, I have a lot I want to say but I don't really feel like typing. And yet other times, I just decide a bulleted list is best. My friends, that's what you're getting today.

1. I can't believe Christmas is 20 days away. It blows my mind that it's already December. 

2. Do you have an Elf? We do and his name is Cookie Pole. The boys love him and run down the stairs each morning eager to find him. He was hanging out with Scooby and the gang one morning this week and yesterday, we found him with the dinosaurs. I'll do a full post of all of his 

3. Almost all of our Christmas cards are in the mail to our family and friends. I ordered the greatest stamp from relishdesigncompany. The service was so prompt and I am very pleased with the product. My little helpers and I stamped the back of most of our envelopes last week. 

4. My quest for new bedding has finally ended. We found something we both liked - not too girly and still bright - and it's on the way to us now. I can't wait to get started on this! 

5. There is so much hurting all around and it makes my heart heavy. I try not to write about things like this and keep my blog really upbeat as that's how I live my life, but the last few weeks have been really tough. My granddad is in the hospital and it's like we get a different story every day. There are other people I grew up really close to who are hurting, too, and I can't help but feel sad. Really, 2013 hasn't been the best year and I won't be sad to see it go. Between Kevin losing his job, my mother-in-law battling (successfully) breast cancer, my granddad being sick and a few other things, it doesn't go down as one of my favorite years. There have been many blessings throughout this year though and I don't lose sight of those. The verse below is one I've been leaning on this week.

The Lord is FAITHFUL in ALL of His promises and LOVING toward all He has made!
Psalm 154:13