Five on Friday: The First of the New Year!


Happy Friday! Friday makes me happy, especially this Friday. I'm fortunate to work for a great organization that affords me a large chunk of time off before and after Christmas, but let me tell you, going back to work for the first time was not exactly easy yesterday. That said, I'm so thankful to have a career I love! Enough about that; it's time for the very first edition of Five on Friday at TTIL in 2014!

1. New Year's Day! We had a full (literally speaking, too) New Year's Day. My grandma invited us down for the traditional Southern New Year's lunch. After lunch, we went over to my parents' while Kevin and my dad had a dove shoot. Normally, we spend nearly every moment outside when we're at my parents. The boys love to play in the fields, ride the golf cart and mule and do anything else you can think of outside, but on Wednesday, it was rainy and icky, so we stayed inside. My mom pulled out some old games like Memory, a giant checkerboard and Twister. We had a blast playing Twister.

After the guys finished hunting, we went over to Kevin's parents' for a great dinner. I'm so thankful that we are able to spend so much quality time with our family.

2. Traditional New Year's Lunch. I've gotten spoiled these last few weeks when it comes to cooking. We've eaten so many meals at our parents and my grandma's, that I've begun to be used to not cooking. That will change come Sunday though. While I don't cook like this, I really enjoyed the New Year's food my grandma and my FIL (not pictured) made on New Years. I made sure to eat my greens and pork! (I really don't believe that eating greens will bring you money and pork will make you move forward and cornbread will give you gold, but it's fun to take part in the tradition.)

3. My Boys. These three make me smile. All the time. We just have a blast together. I'm so thankful for them!

4. Decorating! I've wanted to get new bedding for a while, but couldn't find anything that we both liked and was practical. I am in love with white bedding, but with a four year-old and a six year-old, white isn't exactly appropriate for this point in our life. I had my eye on this bedding from Serena & Lilly and Kevin saw it as I was flipping through Pinterest and liked it, too. 

I also ordered a shower curtain from Serena & Lilly for the boys' bathroom upstairs and bought a few other things to go with it. Once I have everything painted and finished up, I'll share all the details and maybe even a house tour.

5. My Granddad. You may remember me asking for prayer for my granddad back before Christmas. He had pneumonia, followed by a fall, followed by rehab at a retirement community, followed by over a month in the hospital due to a really violent infection and multiple other issues. I don't think he remembers much about that time, thankfully. Thanks to prayer, he is doing well. He's not walking on his own and he's still following a special diet, but he's improved every day. I've spent a few hours with him a few times over the last few weeks and it amazes me how he's improved even when there's only been a day or two between visits. God is faithful in all of His promises and loving toward all He has made! Psalm 145:13.