Goals for 2014

Are you a New Year's resolution person or a goals person? I'm really goal-oriented, so it should come as no surprise that instead of resolutions, I set goals for the year. (In case you missed it, you can read how my 2013 goals worked out here).

I decided to lump my goals into categories this year: family, faith, fitness, financial, fun and other (if only I could have come up with another "F" word!). In no particular order, here they are.

1. Take at least one beach trip as a family
2. Spend a weekend away with Kevin
3. Take the boys to Charleston
4. Have our whole family over for dinner at least four times
5. Travel somewhere with Kevin we haven't been before

1. Spend quality time with God daily
2. Read through the Bible with KT
3. Do a devotion and pray with Kevin and the boys each day
4. Memorize one verse a week myself
5. Memorize scripture with the boys
6. Tithe

1. Run 750 miles
2. Run one race a month
3. Finish a 5K below 20 minutes
4. Take a class at the gym

I'm not going to share specifics here since this is one of those subjects I don't really share, but I have a few financial goals this year in regards to saving.

1. See another lighthouse in SC and NC
2. Finish decorating our room, the boys' bathroom and our office/exercise room
3. Read one book a month
4. Try one new recipe a week

1. Take lunch 4 times a week
2. Write regularly on my blog and use social media effectively
3. Start the motivational project I've wanted to do for years
4. Keep up with photo books
5. Scrapbook the boys' school work
6. Scrapbook my race bibs

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