Thursday, February 27, 2014

100 Days

Kaden celebrates his 100th day of school today. His school makes a big deal out of the 100th day and it's really fun! Due to the snow and ice storms we've had, our 100th day has gotten moved a few times. He was so excited this morning that it was finally here.

In honor of the 100th day, we had to make something for him to wear that had 100 somethings on it. He decided on his own that he wanted a shirt with buttons, so a shirt with 100 buttons we made. I picked up a plain Hanes t-shirt and two packs of assorted buttons and off we went. He counted out the buttons and picked the colors he wanted to use. We decided to go with his school's initiations and 100 on the front of the shirt and our last name on the back. I think it turned out great (even if my fingers had a few blisters on them from the glue gun!).

Every so often, I like to ask the boys questions about their favorite things. I do this because it's fun to see how the things they love change and because it's nice to look back and see what they liked when. What better time to "interview" Kaden than before the 100th day celebration.

Favorite things about school: Going outside

Favorite center: Art and marbles

Best friend: I have a lot. Caleb, Elliott, Gray, Matthew, Morgan and Meagan.

Favorite color: All of them.

Favorite food: Candy, snacks, pancakes and waffles

Favorite sport: T-Ball

When I grow up I want to be: Maybe a policeman.

Favorite show: Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo and Rescue Bots

Favorite thing to do: Play with my parents and my brother

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Random Wednesday {February 26, 2014}

This has been a fun week and a busy one! Given that, today is a bulleted list kind of day. One of my March goals is to be a better blogger. I have so many things I want to write about - fun things, deep things and in-between things - but I need to do a better job.

  • I love that it's started to feel like Spring every few days. I can't wait for it to stick around!
  • The boys had their first soccer game of the season this past Saturday and both did an awesome job! I haven't put my photos on my computer yet, but I did take this one with my iPhone after the game.

K.C. scored a goal in the game and Kaden played goalie for some of it and didn't let a shot by him. We won 2-0 (even though we really don't keep score!).
  • We celebrated our niece's 10th birthday after soccer pictures and practice last night. We went to Mellow Mushroom and decided to be adventurous and try something new. (I'm not too adventurous when it comes to food.) We ordered the Mellowterranean pizza and it was so good! The boys stuck with traditional pizza, but Kevin and I loved this!
  • We are going to a wedding this weekend and I have no clue what I want to wear. Decisions, decisions!
  • I like to have the boys' picture taken together when they're on the same team. This will more than likely be their last season playing soccer together for a few years. They looked so cute in their photo last night!

  • Even if you don't have a sibling much younger than you, this will still be funny. My sister and I are nine years a part and all of these ring true to us! Read this!

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Running Story in 247 Words

I'm linking up today with The Lady Okie and Sunshine to the Square to tell my running story. I can't wait to read all of yours!

Running is a huge part of my life and it has been for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been a very active person, though I haven’t always run the way I do now.

In middle school, I can remember being the envy of the really athletic girls (by athletic I mean my friends who played team sports through our school) because I was always the fastest girl in the mile run for our physical fitness test (and often beat many of the fast boys!). It was also in middle and high school that I figure skated competitively, and with no rink to skate on in the summers, I did lots of running and biking to stay in good shape.

I’ve run consistently since I was 15 or 16 and have run the Cooper River Bridge Run a few times, but it wasn’t until I met my husband that I started racing and really caring about my times. In November 2011, I ran my first 5K race and was hooked. I finished in 23:58, much slower than my current race PR of 20:20.
Since that race, I’ve run and won multiple 5Ks, 10Ks and even a half marathon (I didn’t win that one, but I was more than happy with my 1:38:58 and fourth place finish!).

I run because I love it, to stay healthy, to be a good example especially to my kids and because I just love the way running makes me feel. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday {February 21, 2014}

1. Game time with my family.

I remember lots of game nights with my family growing up and I love that this is a tradition we're continuing with our kids. We've been playing Monopoly, Uno, Pass the Pigs, Pop the Pigs, Checkers and a few other games. K.C. has also gotten into playing store. The boys got a cash register for Christmas and it scans "price tags." He loves it!

2. Breakfast date with this cutie yesterday!

Normally, I take K.C. to school and Kevin takes Kaden, but yesterday, we switched places. Kaden and I stopped by Bojangles for a Boberry biscuit (don't worry - he ate breakfast at home before our sweet treat) on the way to preschool.

3. Watching the Olympics with my favorite guy. 

I don't have a picture of us watching the Olympics, but this is from our snow and ice last week. I love that Kevin loves the Olympics as much as I do! I'm sad that they're almost over.

4. New magazines!

I love getting magazines in the mail. I don't get as many now as I used to, but Runner's World came in this week!

5. Beautiful weather!

The weather we've had this week just can't be beat. It's been gorgeous and we've certainly taken advantage of it!

Linking up with the good life blog.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm the Kinda' Girl

I saw this cute post on my friend Erin's blog yesterday and thought I'd join in on the fun as well!

I'm the kinda' girl who...

... loves to smile. All the time.

... loves her family more than anything in this world.

... is a planner. A very detailed one.

... loves to laugh.

... eats cereal for a snack at 11 o'clock at night.

... dreams big dreams.

... is always thinking to the next step.

... doesn't like a mess.

... thinks puppies and kitties are cute, but doesn't want a pet.

... loves that sweaty feeling after a run or hard workout and a shower after it even more.

... says she's going to run "just three miles" and ends up running six or seven.

... loves to watch spy shows like Covert Affairs and White Collar, but can't ever watch them alone.

... can't sleep when it's too warm inside.

... would rather be on the beach than anywhere else in the world.

... still can't believe she married a man as awesome as her husband.

... loves to learn about practically everything.

... gets excited when new magazines come in the mail.

... is a horrible decision maker when it comes to where to eat even though I'm a picky eater.

... could eat my weight in froyo.

... would rather be home on a Friday night with my three favorite guys than at the hottest event in town.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Motherhood Surprises

This post first appeared on Wifessionals.

For as long as I can remember, there have been two things I've always wanted to be: a wife and mother. My journey to motherhood has been different than some, but it's been no less exciting and special than if I had become a mother the traditional way.

If you will, allow me to backtrack for a moment. A little over two years ago, I met the most amazing man (You can read our story here - Part I and Part II). We were introduced by a mutual connection - a realtor who was helping me sell a house who had grown up knowing my husband. We talked on the phone a few times and then went out on our first date which turned into a second, then third date. And, well, you get the picture. This amazing man had two precious little boys, one, barely two and the other, almost four. I ended up meeting them on our third date (which was also the day I met the rest of my now family). Yes, it was fast, but it was just right, and the boys and I formed an instant bond. Fast forward a year and Kevin and I were married on October 13, 2012. On that day, I not only became a wife, but I also became an official mother, or Anna Belle, as the boys have called me for some time.

You see, my path to motherhood hasn't been traditional, but it's been amazing. I'm so thankful to God everyday for blessing my life with not only the man of my dreams, but also with two precious boys who are the lights of my life. Since I was old enough to know that you should pray for your future spouse and children, I've done it, and I know that God created me the way He did to be Kevin's wife and a mother to our children.

I always thought I'd be a certain way when I became a mother. I thought I'd do things this way or that way, I'd have a strict schedule, I'd do bedtime this way or that, you know the drill. I always thought motherhood would be one of the greatest things, but it wasn't until I became a mother that I realized just how great it is.

Having children to care for changes everything, but in my experience, it's only changed them for the better. Life was fun before, but it's even more fun now. I thought I loved deeply before, but I love infinitely more and better than I did before children. I've always known that the way I live, the things I do and the words I say are important, but I didn't realize just how those things are clung to and followed until I became a mother.

Since becoming a mother, I've been more conscience about everything. I feel like we've been given these incredible treasures from God to raise and I want to do the best I can to make sure that I'm the best wife for my husband and mother for our children. I want the boys to always feel our love and know how special they are. I want them to know that we'll always support their dreams and be there for them every step of the way. Most of all, I want them to see and know how amazing the grace our Savior has given us is.

Motherhood is an incredible gift. I'm thankful every day for these two little guys who make me want to be better, try harder and do more. The most surprising things to me about motherhood have been how utterly easy it has been for everything to just fall into place and how much greater it is than I ever imagined. Yes, there are tough days. There are times when they don't listen, times when we get frustrated and times when we really just don't know what to do, but there is so much beauty in even those things. Becoming a mother has opened my eyes to the world in a way I never knew, given me a love I didn't know and has impacted every area of my life in the most beautiful way.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Life Lately: Iced In, Valentines, Roller Skating and Lots of Games

This past week and weekend were so fun! We don't get snow often, much less ice, but when we do, it shuts everything down.

Last Tuesday was the first of our snow days. The kids had school for most of the day and I got off early due to the weather, so I picked them up and took them to pick out a gift for Kevin for Valentine's Day. I love letting them pick out things and at their ages, it's really fun to shop with them (at places like Target) when they're in the mood to shop. Normally they're the ones ready to leave, but last week, after an hour of shopping, I was the one ready to go!

K.C. picked out a set of transformers for Kevin. Kevin has gotten out some of his old toys and the boys particularly love playing with his transformers. The kit K.C. picked out included two transformers to assemble with hundreds of pieces. Kaden picked out a Nerf Frisbee that he just knew Daddy would love playing.

When we woke up Wednesday morning, the ground was covered with ice. It looked like it had snowed several inches because of all the ice. We stayed inside and played a while and then we braved the cold for some fun.

Kevin brought down his skim boards and a boogie board and we slid across the ice. The boys absolutely loved it! We don't have any hills around, but there is a slight incline on a street in our neighborhood, so we walked to it and slid down. Seeing the smiles on all three of my guys' faces was priceless (and hearing their giggles was, too!).

My parents came over later on Wednesday as they had lost power at their house. We enjoyed getting to visit with them most of the rest of the week and I think the boys had fun with their Bebe and Hot Rod at our house.

We spent most of the morning outside on Tuesday. Our whole backyard was frozen and all (me included) skim boarded across it. Well, Kevin skim boarded and the boys and I laid on our stomachs and were pushed across, but it was fun!

Kevin and I went out on a Valentine's Day date Thursday night to a great new Mexican restaurant that just opened in our town. They make guacamole at your table and we love it. I wish I had taken a picture of us, but I didn't. We had fun though!

We both had to go back to work on Friday, but we had a fun Friday night. When I got home, the boys met me at the door with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. We gave the boys their gifts and exchanged ours before dinner. 

Our dinner Friday was delicious if I do say so myself. I made a roast in the crock pot and it was so good. My mom picked up heart-shaped doughnuts for dessert and we all enjoyed those.

Saturday afternoon, K.C. had a birthday party to go to for one of his friends from school at the roller skating rink. Kaden tagged along, too, and we had a blast. We were so proud of the boys! K.C. got skates for his birthday last summer, but had only worn them once or twice. They were both fearless (a little too much sometimes) and really enjoyed skating.

After the party, we went home for a bit and then went over to Kevin's parents for dinner. My parents had a good bit of meat in their freezer that they didn't want to lose due to no electricity, so they shared some with us. We took some over for Kevin's dad to grill Saturday night. We had a great time visiting with them. Kaden and I also made a banana pudding for dessert.

We spent the afternoon after church playing games. I grew up playing board games with my family and love that the boys are getting to the age where they enjoy them. During our ice days and weekend, we played multiple games of checkers (I'm a sore loser!), Twister, Monopoly and Pop the Pig. It was great!

Friday, February 14, 2014

To My Valentine

Happy Valentine's day to my best friend, better half and love of my life!

Everyday is a day full of love with you! Thank you for always loving me, supporting me and putting us first. I'm so thankful God blessed us with each other!

I love you!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice, Ice Baby!

We're enjoying our second full ice day, so pardon the lack of posts. I did want to check in today to let you know about an awesome giveaway I'm participating in with my friend Jen! Head on over to her blog to check out the details.

Until the ice melts, here's what we're up to:

Monday, February 10, 2014

One of the best kind of weekends

I don't have a single picture from this weekend to share. I don't have an action-packed weekend to talk about. Our weekend was simple. Really simple and it was great.

Friday night, we had grilled ham, egg and cheese sandwiches sitting on the floor of our bedroom while watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.

We slept later than usual (if 7 AM is considered later) on Saturday and didn't do much of anything that morning. I cooked us breakfast and put the ingredients in the crock pot to make potato soup while, you guessed it, we watched more of the Olympics.

We did manage to get a few things done around the house like laundry, steaming the kitchen floors and organizing/reorganizing under the bathroom cabinets, but for the most part, we just relaxed. As we were talking about, it's the first time in the nearly three years we've been together that we've had a day like that.

I ran 8 miles on the treadmill Saturday afternoon and then we stopped by one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner before taking care of something I needed to do for work.

Yesterday was relaxing, too. We watched some live coverage of the Olympics, went to church and had leftover soup for lunch. I think we even took a short nap. While Kevin did some touch up painting in our bedroom and bathroom, I ironed all of our clothes and the boys for the week and then ran 3.25 miles.

Last night, we rode scooters, played soccer and had fun with our two favorite little guys.

There's definitely something to be said about a low-key, plan-free weekend.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Confessional Friday: Getting to Know Me!

I've been reading Leslie's blog, A Blonde Ambition, for a while and love the positivity she always brings! She  also hosts an awesome link up each Friday.

If you're new here, welcome! Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the Internet! And if you're a loyal reader (if there are any of those besides my sweet husband), maybe you'll learn something new today.

I planned to participate in this link up last Friday, but didn't get my post up in time, so today, you get a double dose of me!

I'm Anna and I started this blog about two years ago to chronicle all the things I'm learning about marriage, parenting, fitness, faith and fun.

In October, 2012, I married the love of my life, Kevin. We met more than a year earlier in the most unique way which could have only been orchestrated by God. He is the answer to my prayers and more. He's my best friend, biggest encourager, gives me reasons to laugh and smile everyday and is the one I love more than anything in this world. I couldn't pick a better man as my husband if I tried!

When Kevin and I got married, I officially became Anna Belle (a name the boys started calling me a long time ago) to our two precious boys, K.C. (6) and Kaden (4), my pride and joy. They bring some much happiness into our days and I am so blessed to be in their lives!

My faith in Jesus Christ is a huge part of my life. I've experienced His grace, mercy and blessings in ways I couldn't ever imagine (and I wouldn't change any of them). I believe that teaching our boys about Christ's love is the most important thing, and I pray that our lives reflect Him and our love for Him.

Running is my favorite hobby - if you want to call it that. I believe that running and having a healthy lifestyle is important and it just so happens that I love to run. I love to race shorter, faster races like 5Ks and 10Ks, but I've raced a half marathon, too. I try to fit in a good workout most days of the week.

I grew up in a small town in rural South Carolina and loved my childhood years. I'm thankful that the boys now get to experience this place. I was blessed to be raised by wonderful parents and blessed to marry into a family that has felt like my own since day one.

My undergraduate degree is in marketing and I have an MBA. I work as a director of marketing and communications. I love my job and I'm so thankful for it.

I believe that life should be full and fun. I am a list maker, still use a paper calendar and I'm trying to be better in the kitchen. I love learning about practically anything. Relaxing has never been my forte, but I'm quite laid back. I'm extremely optimistic and want to make the world a better place. My eyes still get teary when I read "The Giving Tree."

I want to be a better person and believe that growth is an amazing thing. I believe optimism is key. Mostly, I'm so grateful for the grace that was given freely to me by my Savior - it's the most amazing thing!

For Round 2:

1. What's your middle name?
Elizabeth. I share it with my grandma, her mom and her mom. It's a family name. 

2. If you could live anywhere else in the world where would you live?
Murrells Inlet or Charleston. I love the South. I love that we live close enough to these two places to make a day trip, but I'd love to live in either one. 

3. Tell us about your guilty pleasures.
I like Reeses Cups and chocolate a little too much. Oh, yeah, and froyo, too.

4. What do you like best about your job? If you weren't doing that, what career would you have pursued?
I love that my job gives me the opportunity to do a little bit of everything I love. I feel very fortunate that I get to do what I went to school to do in my dream organization. Most of all, I love that I get to do something I love every day. It makes those 40 (or more) hours a week away from my family easier.

Hmm... does stay at home mom and wife count? 

If I wasn't doing what I'm doing, I'd really like to be a trainer and/or dietician. I believe strongly in leading a healthy life and I'd love to be able to encourage others to do that and equip them with the tools they need to be successful.

5. Five items you'd grab during a fire. (People and pets don't count. Those are a given.)

I'd grab my laptop so I wouldn't lose all of our pictures and could reprint the photobooks I've made, our wedding album, my Bible and the boys' favorite stuffed animals (one each, of course!).

6. Marathon running...something you'd like to pursue or just plain crazy?

While I understand the allure of a marathon - I am a runner afterall - I have no desire to run 26.2 miles. A half is enough for me. 

7. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Barbecue chicken, twice baked potatoes, salad, Bisquik biscuits and chocolate eclaire. I think that would cover it. That was easy.

8. Last person you spoke to...annnnnd....go!

A cashier.

9. Favorite childhood toy

I had this Sesame Street toy that I loved. The boys now love playing with it at my parents. 

10. Breakfast cereal of choice

I like Frosted Mini Wheats, Honey Nut Chex, Raisin Nut Bran and Rice Krispies. And I usually eat cereal as a snack, a midnight one.

Five on Friday: Olympics, Weekend & V-Day

1. The Olympics.  I LOVE the Olympics. Like really. As in I will watch more TV in the next two weeks than I've probably watched in the last two months. I like it all, well, except curling because that just seems boring to me (no offense to you curling lovers out there).

2. Soccer's back! The boys started soccer again this week and they were so excited. I was pretty proud of them, too. I can't wait to watch them play this spring. Here's a flash back from last fall's brother picture.

3. The weekend is almost here! This week has been insanely busy. I've had work engagements two nights, we had soccer one night and I had choir on Wednesday night. I'm looking forward to a low key weekend, lots of fun with my handsome husband and plenty of good Olympic watching.

4. Valentine's Day. The boys and I figured out (thank you, Pinterest!) what we're doing for Valentine treats this year a few weeks ago. (We plan early. Early planning is more than likely Anna Belle induced. They've both already decided their birthday party themes and they're two and five months away!) Our crucial "ingredient" came in yesterday, so I'm looking forward to making their valentine's for their classmates with them this weekend.

5. Wrapping up projects. This week (and a few prior weeks) has been full of several big projects. They've all been fun, mostly, but I'm thankful to wrap three of them up today. I'm looking forward to starting on some new things next week!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Hate Dress Pants

Did this title pull you in? IRL, I'm a director of marketing and PR, but in blog life, I have the hardest time coming up with catchy post titles. It could have something to do with the fact that I write when I have time which means I don't plan out too many posts in advance and what you're reading really is off the cuff (and usually written in 5-10 minutes depending on the length of the post).

Back to the subject at hand: I hate dress pants. Like really. I LOATHE them, which presents an interesting dilemma when it comes to dressing for work in the fall and winter. Granted, we live in South Carolina so we don't have a typical fall and winter (I can still wear shorts and not freeze), but there are many days when it's cold and I want to keep my legs warm, but due to my strong aversion to dress pants, I'm always at a loss of what to wear.

My go-to outfits on regular days in the office (i.e. those days when I don't have important meetings. I should rephrase that - meetings with important people. I give up - those days when I don't need to wear something really dressy!) consist of dresses or skirts and tops.

I love Tracy Negoshian dresses. Her dresses are easy to wear, don't wrinkle and are super comfortable. I have more than I'd like to admit. I like to wear them with bright necklaces and flats, though I'll occasionally throw on heels.

If I'm not wearing a dress, I usually wear pencil skirts with a nice top. My favorite skirt is the Pencil Skirt from J.Crew. I buy a lot of these from J.Crew Factory. To me, the quality is the same, but my wallet is happier.

When it comes to tops, I'm pretty loyal to J.Crew, too. I love their silk tops and I have the Jackie cardigan in almost every color. 

Is there a clothing item you really dislike? And girls, any advice on good dress pants because sometimes, you just have to wear them! I have J.Crew, Banana Republic, GAP and New York and Company in my closet. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Random Wednesday

It's been a while since I've done a completely random post - who am I kidding? Most of my posts are completely random. In the essence of "I can't believe it's already Wednesday", a yucky cold and a full week, a bulleted list seems like just the cure for today.

1. I can't wait for the Olympics to start. I love watching figure skating (Have I ever mentioned I used to figure skate competitively?), bobsledding, snowboarding, ski jumping - I love it all. We've been preparing the boys for the excitement of the Olympics, too. Before bed, we'll pull up videos of bobsledding and skiing for them to watch. I can't wait to start watching tomorrow night!

2. Colds are yucky. I feel like I'm fighting a cold. The boys have been sniffly, Kevin's had a cold and now I think it's gotten me. I've tried orange juice, sweating it out, vitamins and some allergy medicine, but I'm scared I'll have to resort to some actual medicine tonight if I'm not feeling better. And I really don't like that.

3. Do you know how hard it is to find a plain white lampshade? I love the lamps beside our bed, but they have cream shades. With our new bedding, I need white. I think a white shade will look nice on the lamps, but I really don't want to pay $70 or more for each shade. I could almost buy a lamp for that.

4. Work has been insane this week. I don't want to gripe about it because I really love my job, but it's been busy. We were closed 2.5 days last week for the snow which put us behind on some things during the busiest season of the year. I've worked late some the last week for some commercial shoots and a presentation and I've been up early for a radio segment I do. While it's all fun and I really enjoy it, I really try my best to not schedule anything outside of the normal workday because I don't like missing my family.

5. I could live in my Uggs. I've even worn them to work on days when I haven't had crazy meetings all day (I always bring an extra pair of shoes just in case!).

6. The boys started soccer again last night. K.C. was so excited about it. I was so proud of them. I think it was the first practice ever - in his two seasons of playing - that Kaden hasn't asked for snacks during practice.

7. There are some things I'd like to write about, but they're too sweet to share. I like to treasure these things in my heart.

8. How about the Super Bowl? I have to say, I wasn't too impressed with many of the commercials this year, but I loved Bruno Mars at halftime.

9. This week, I'm concentrating on this verse: My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

10. Do you have any easy, healthy meal recommendations that everyone likes?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January in Review and February Goals

You all know I love goals and lists, so today I thought I'd recap January and share some goals for February. If you'd like to see my original post on my goals for 2014, click here. I've only listed the goals that are ongoing for the year and pertinent to January.

1. Spend quality time with God daily - I've been doing a good job reading my Bible each day. I have a great plan I'm following to read the Bible thru this year and I'm really enjoying learning more.
2. Do a devotion and pray with Kevin and the boys each day - check! The boys love their Jesus Story Book Bible and we've been using the Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing devotional with them. The way the stories and the devotions are presented is just beautiful!
3. Memorize one verse a week myself - I'm still working on this. I've learned two or three new verses, but it's something I'm constantly working at.
4. Memorize scripture with the boys - We're doing this. So far, we've learned two verses.
5. Run one race a month - In January, I ran three races. I PR'd in my first race of the year and won all three.
6. Take a class at the gym - I've gone to a class at the gym. I haven't gone regularly, but I've done a class.
7. Tithe - check on this one.
8. Savings - check on this one, too!
9. Finish decorating our room and the boys' bathroom - Kevin and I painted our room and bathroom and the boys' bathroom has a new shower curtain, rugs and towels.
10. Read one book a month - In January, I read The Little Red Book on Running, Inside the Bubble and finished Mended. I started Kate.
11. Try one new recipe a week - I tried many new recipes this month. Some were great, some not so great, but it was fun trying new things.
12. Take lunch 4 times a week - I'm trying to cut back on eating out at lunch because it's not healthy and it's expensive when you eat out every day. I find that it's easier for me to order sweet tea (which I love) when I eat out and where I work, there aren't a lot of "healthy" options around. I'm doing really well with packing my lunch. I'm really enjoying the break, too. It's nice to get out for a few minutes and have some time to chill during the work day.
13. Write regularly on my blog and use social media effectively - I haven't done great on this one. It comes down to planning and taking the time to write. I enjoy writing as a way to keep up with things, but it's also a good outlet for me.

In February, there are a few things I want to accomplish:

1. Finish decorating our bedroom - We have it painted and our new bedding is on, but there are some things we need to purchase to finish it off.
2. Finish the boys' bathroom - With the exception of some photos, the bathroom is done. I want to finish it this month.
3. Clean out under the bathroom cabinets - If you're like us, you have some cabinets where things just get stashed. We probably have enough shower gel that we got in our stockings at Christmas to last us until July - and it's all piled into a cabinet. I also want to clean out my makeup drawer and bags.
4. Go through my closet - I have tons of clothes, but I always feel like I wear the same things over and over. I want to go through my closet and try on everything I don't wear often and donate the things I don't want anymore.
5. Go to the gym consistently - I really want to focus on core strength this month and get back into my regular strength training routine (three times a week). I'd like to try to take a class or two a week as well.
6. Start our 2014 family book and get our 2013 family book almost finished. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Days 2014

It's rare that we get snow in SC, but last week, we did and we loved every second of it! Since we aren't exactly equipped for snow here, schools were cancelled beginning on Tuesday. Thankfully, my company also closed for a few days and Kevin was able to work for home, so we really enjoyed our snow days.

The boys woke up about 6 am Tuesday morning looking for snow. I think Kevin and I did, too. After a few hours in the house playing and looking out the windows every thirty seconds for snow, we decided we needed to get out. We grabbed some lunch and ran a few errands before going back home to play.

By late Tuesday afternoon, it had started to sleet. We all got so excited! By bedtime, it was really sleeting. Once the boys were asleep, Kevin and I went downstairs and kept looking out the windows for snow. Around midnight, we finally saw snow. It was beautiful!

The next morning, when the boys came downstairs, they were so thrilled that our yard was covered with a beautiful blanket of white snow. They even threw on their snowboots and tobogans and stood on the front porch in their pajamas looking at it. After breakfast, we went out to play.

We played in the front yard and took a walk through the woods. The boys had a blast sliding down their snow covered slide, too. 

We went in to warm up by the fire for a few minutes and eat some snow cream (which was a major fail!) and then Kevin's parents came over with a sled. We took turns pulling the boys on it and Kevin and I even took a turn, too!

There's a park not too far from our house that has a slight hill, so we took the boys there and they had a blast sledding down the hill. (I did, too!)

After our sledding fun, we went over to my SIL and BIL's for lunch and so all the kids could play together. We stayed outside all afternoon and had the best time.

When we got home, the boys were ready to play some more, so we went back out. K.C. loved driving his Gator in the snow.

Kevin and I went back to work on Thursday, but when we got home Thursday night, we still had snow on the ground and our backyard was virtually untouched. The boys wanted to go back out and play, so we did. We soaked up every last ounce of snow and sunshine.