100 Days

Kaden celebrates his 100th day of school today. His school makes a big deal out of the 100th day and it's really fun! Due to the snow and ice storms we've had, our 100th day has gotten moved a few times. He was so excited this morning that it was finally here.

In honor of the 100th day, we had to make something for him to wear that had 100 somethings on it. He decided on his own that he wanted a shirt with buttons, so a shirt with 100 buttons we made. I picked up a plain Hanes t-shirt and two packs of assorted buttons and off we went. He counted out the buttons and picked the colors he wanted to use. We decided to go with his school's initiations and 100 on the front of the shirt and our last name on the back. I think it turned out great (even if my fingers had a few blisters on them from the glue gun!).

Every so often, I like to ask the boys questions about their favorite things. I do this because it's fun to see how the things they love change and because it's nice to look back and see what they liked when. What better time to "interview" Kaden than before the 100th day celebration.

Favorite things about school: Going outside

Favorite center: Art and marbles

Best friend: I have a lot. Caleb, Elliott, Gray, Matthew, Morgan and Meagan.

Favorite color: All of them.

Favorite food: Candy, snacks, pancakes and waffles

Favorite sport: T-Ball

When I grow up I want to be: Maybe a policeman.

Favorite show: Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo and Rescue Bots

Favorite thing to do: Play with my parents and my brother