Confessional Friday: Getting to Know Me!

I've been reading Leslie's blog, A Blonde Ambition, for a while and love the positivity she always brings! She  also hosts an awesome link up each Friday.

If you're new here, welcome! Thanks for stopping by my little spot on the Internet! And if you're a loyal reader (if there are any of those besides my sweet husband), maybe you'll learn something new today.

I planned to participate in this link up last Friday, but didn't get my post up in time, so today, you get a double dose of me!

I'm Anna and I started this blog about two years ago to chronicle all the things I'm learning about marriage, parenting, fitness, faith and fun.

In October, 2012, I married the love of my life, Kevin. We met more than a year earlier in the most unique way which could have only been orchestrated by God. He is the answer to my prayers and more. He's my best friend, biggest encourager, gives me reasons to laugh and smile everyday and is the one I love more than anything in this world. I couldn't pick a better man as my husband if I tried!

When Kevin and I got married, I officially became Anna Belle (a name the boys started calling me a long time ago) to our two precious boys, K.C. (6) and Kaden (4), my pride and joy. They bring some much happiness into our days and I am so blessed to be in their lives!

My faith in Jesus Christ is a huge part of my life. I've experienced His grace, mercy and blessings in ways I couldn't ever imagine (and I wouldn't change any of them). I believe that teaching our boys about Christ's love is the most important thing, and I pray that our lives reflect Him and our love for Him.

Running is my favorite hobby - if you want to call it that. I believe that running and having a healthy lifestyle is important and it just so happens that I love to run. I love to race shorter, faster races like 5Ks and 10Ks, but I've raced a half marathon, too. I try to fit in a good workout most days of the week.

I grew up in a small town in rural South Carolina and loved my childhood years. I'm thankful that the boys now get to experience this place. I was blessed to be raised by wonderful parents and blessed to marry into a family that has felt like my own since day one.

My undergraduate degree is in marketing and I have an MBA. I work as a director of marketing and communications. I love my job and I'm so thankful for it.

I believe that life should be full and fun. I am a list maker, still use a paper calendar and I'm trying to be better in the kitchen. I love learning about practically anything. Relaxing has never been my forte, but I'm quite laid back. I'm extremely optimistic and want to make the world a better place. My eyes still get teary when I read "The Giving Tree."

I want to be a better person and believe that growth is an amazing thing. I believe optimism is key. Mostly, I'm so grateful for the grace that was given freely to me by my Savior - it's the most amazing thing!

For Round 2:

1. What's your middle name?
Elizabeth. I share it with my grandma, her mom and her mom. It's a family name. 

2. If you could live anywhere else in the world where would you live?
Murrells Inlet or Charleston. I love the South. I love that we live close enough to these two places to make a day trip, but I'd love to live in either one. 

3. Tell us about your guilty pleasures.
I like Reeses Cups and chocolate a little too much. Oh, yeah, and froyo, too.

4. What do you like best about your job? If you weren't doing that, what career would you have pursued?
I love that my job gives me the opportunity to do a little bit of everything I love. I feel very fortunate that I get to do what I went to school to do in my dream organization. Most of all, I love that I get to do something I love every day. It makes those 40 (or more) hours a week away from my family easier.

Hmm... does stay at home mom and wife count? 

If I wasn't doing what I'm doing, I'd really like to be a trainer and/or dietician. I believe strongly in leading a healthy life and I'd love to be able to encourage others to do that and equip them with the tools they need to be successful.

5. Five items you'd grab during a fire. (People and pets don't count. Those are a given.)

I'd grab my laptop so I wouldn't lose all of our pictures and could reprint the photobooks I've made, our wedding album, my Bible and the boys' favorite stuffed animals (one each, of course!).

6. Marathon running...something you'd like to pursue or just plain crazy?

While I understand the allure of a marathon - I am a runner afterall - I have no desire to run 26.2 miles. A half is enough for me. 

7. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Barbecue chicken, twice baked potatoes, salad, Bisquik biscuits and chocolate eclaire. I think that would cover it. That was easy.

8. Last person you spoke to...annnnnd....go!

A cashier.

9. Favorite childhood toy

I had this Sesame Street toy that I loved. The boys now love playing with it at my parents. 

10. Breakfast cereal of choice

I like Frosted Mini Wheats, Honey Nut Chex, Raisin Nut Bran and Rice Krispies. And I usually eat cereal as a snack, a midnight one.