Five on Friday: Olympics, Weekend & V-Day

1. The Olympics.  I LOVE the Olympics. Like really. As in I will watch more TV in the next two weeks than I've probably watched in the last two months. I like it all, well, except curling because that just seems boring to me (no offense to you curling lovers out there).

2. Soccer's back! The boys started soccer again this week and they were so excited. I was pretty proud of them, too. I can't wait to watch them play this spring. Here's a flash back from last fall's brother picture.

3. The weekend is almost here! This week has been insanely busy. I've had work engagements two nights, we had soccer one night and I had choir on Wednesday night. I'm looking forward to a low key weekend, lots of fun with my handsome husband and plenty of good Olympic watching.

4. Valentine's Day. The boys and I figured out (thank you, Pinterest!) what we're doing for Valentine treats this year a few weeks ago. (We plan early. Early planning is more than likely Anna Belle induced. They've both already decided their birthday party themes and they're two and five months away!) Our crucial "ingredient" came in yesterday, so I'm looking forward to making their valentine's for their classmates with them this weekend.

5. Wrapping up projects. This week (and a few prior weeks) has been full of several big projects. They've all been fun, mostly, but I'm thankful to wrap three of them up today. I'm looking forward to starting on some new things next week!