I'm the Kinda' Girl

I saw this cute post on my friend Erin's blog yesterday and thought I'd join in on the fun as well!

I'm the kinda' girl who...

... loves to smile. All the time.

... loves her family more than anything in this world.

... is a planner. A very detailed one.

... loves to laugh.

... eats cereal for a snack at 11 o'clock at night.

... dreams big dreams.

... is always thinking to the next step.

... doesn't like a mess.

... thinks puppies and kitties are cute, but doesn't want a pet.

... loves that sweaty feeling after a run or hard workout and a shower after it even more.

... says she's going to run "just three miles" and ends up running six or seven.

... loves to watch spy shows like Covert Affairs and White Collar, but can't ever watch them alone.

... can't sleep when it's too warm inside.

... would rather be on the beach than anywhere else in the world.

... still can't believe she married a man as awesome as her husband.

... loves to learn about practically everything.

... gets excited when new magazines come in the mail.

... is a horrible decision maker when it comes to where to eat even though I'm a picky eater.

... could eat my weight in froyo.

... would rather be home on a Friday night with my three favorite guys than at the hottest event in town.