Snow Days 2014

It's rare that we get snow in SC, but last week, we did and we loved every second of it! Since we aren't exactly equipped for snow here, schools were cancelled beginning on Tuesday. Thankfully, my company also closed for a few days and Kevin was able to work for home, so we really enjoyed our snow days.

The boys woke up about 6 am Tuesday morning looking for snow. I think Kevin and I did, too. After a few hours in the house playing and looking out the windows every thirty seconds for snow, we decided we needed to get out. We grabbed some lunch and ran a few errands before going back home to play.

By late Tuesday afternoon, it had started to sleet. We all got so excited! By bedtime, it was really sleeting. Once the boys were asleep, Kevin and I went downstairs and kept looking out the windows for snow. Around midnight, we finally saw snow. It was beautiful!

The next morning, when the boys came downstairs, they were so thrilled that our yard was covered with a beautiful blanket of white snow. They even threw on their snowboots and tobogans and stood on the front porch in their pajamas looking at it. After breakfast, we went out to play.

We played in the front yard and took a walk through the woods. The boys had a blast sliding down their snow covered slide, too. 

We went in to warm up by the fire for a few minutes and eat some snow cream (which was a major fail!) and then Kevin's parents came over with a sled. We took turns pulling the boys on it and Kevin and I even took a turn, too!

There's a park not too far from our house that has a slight hill, so we took the boys there and they had a blast sledding down the hill. (I did, too!)

After our sledding fun, we went over to my SIL and BIL's for lunch and so all the kids could play together. We stayed outside all afternoon and had the best time.

When we got home, the boys were ready to play some more, so we went back out. K.C. loved driving his Gator in the snow.

Kevin and I went back to work on Thursday, but when we got home Thursday night, we still had snow on the ground and our backyard was virtually untouched. The boys wanted to go back out and play, so we did. We soaked up every last ounce of snow and sunshine.

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