February in Review and March Goals

You know I love goals and lists. Each month, I have a list of things I want to accomplish. Some months, I get everything done, and other months, barely anything is done on my "monthly" goal list. Take February for instance: we had a full and fun month, but not many things were accomplished. I'll blame it on the short month, the Olympics, our snow and ice storms and a long weekend away.

February Specific Goals and Results:1. Finish decorating our bedroom - I'm looking for white lampshades and some other accessories for our room including a frame for a family picture I want to hang above our chest of drawers. I did have the photo printed!
2. Finish the boys' bathroom - This was a major fail. I didn't even think about it. I only have a few minor things to do for it, so maybe this is the month. 
3. Clean out under the bathroom cabinets - I did this! It's so organized!
4. Go through my closet - I have tons of clothes, but I always feel like I wear the same things over and over. I want to go through my closet and try on everything I don't wear often and donate the things I don't want anymore.
5. Go to the gym consistently - This one needs to be red and green. While I didn't go to the gym and strength train like I normally like to do, I did strength train consistently this past month. I also had my highest mileage week ever at 30 miles. I'm proud of that. I met my monthly goal mileage as well!
6. Start our 2014 family book and get our 2013 family book almost finished. I took a million more pictures to add to our 2014 family book, but I've yet to start it. 

While it's not on the list, we did go through the boys' clothes, I sorted through my workout clothes and Kevin went through some of his things as well.

March Goals:
1. Finish decorating our bedroom 
2. Finish the boys' bathroom
3. Go through my closet
4. Start our 2014 family book, finish our 2013 family book and get caught up on Kaden's four year book
5. PR in a 5K and 10K
6. Get and keep our catch all counter organized!

Here's my list of regular yearly goals that I work on every month:
1. Spend quality time with God daily - I've been doing a good job reading my Bible each day. I have a great plan I'm following to read the Bible thru this year and I'm really enjoying learning more. I am slightly behind in some of the Old Testament readings, but I'll catch up.
2. Do a devotion and pray with Kevin and the boys each day - We do this daily. The boys love their Jesus Story Book Bible and we've been using the Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing devotional with them. The way the stories and the devotions are presented is just beautiful!
3. Memorize one verse a week myself - I'm still working on this. I've learned two or three new verses, but it's something I'm constantly working at.
4. Memorize scripture with the boys - We're doing this. So far, we've learned about four verses.
5. Run one race a month - There were no races held in my town in February, and the only race I could have feasibly run was the same morning as the boys' first spring soccer game, so I opted not to run it. My priorities are Kevin and our sweet babies and I choose not to race when it keeps me away from a full game (I will race if there's a later game and obviously the half marathon I ran conflicted with a game, but other than that, I've only missed for our wedding and an out-of-town trip that was unavoidable.).
6. Take a class at the gym - I'm not doing so hot with this one. The first Pure Barre class was held at my gym today and I want to make it to this during March.
7. Tithe - check on this one.
8. Savings - check on this one, too!
9. Finish decorating our room and the boys' bathroom - See above!
10. Read one book a month - I read (or finished) three books in January. I read Kate in February and started Lowcountry Summer.
11. Try one new recipe a week - I'm doing pretty well with this trend. I think our hands-down favorite meal was a roast beef I cooked in the crock pot.
12. Take lunch 4 times a week - I did well with this for the most part. I packed my lunch most days and think I ate lunch out only four or five times in February.
13. Write regularly on my blog and use social media effectively - I'm not excelling at this. I have so many things I want to blog about, but finding the time to sit down and do it is hard for me. I manage to squeeze in lots of fun, running and cooking, but I don't always find the time to blog. I will do better in March!

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