Some Facts About Me

I am an easy to please person.

I am a people-pleaser.

I need to learn to say no more.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

I am a dreamer and an over-the-top optimist.

I am a runner.

I don't ever eat burgers with buns unless I'm out somewhere.

I sometimes think I'm too nice and understanding.

I could eat froyo for a meal each day.

I daydream about house projects every day, but I take my time doing them. (My husband would agree.)

I like to make everyone else happy.

I should own stock in J.Crew because I pretty much live in their clothes.

I love to smile.

I won't run in any shoes except Brooks.

A cold glass of water is my favorite thing to drink.

I bite and pick at my nails, especially when I'm worried or upset.

I love pictures and preserving memories.

Handwritten notes are my favorite thing to receive especially when I'm not expecting them.

I'm too hard on myself sometimes. Ok, most of the time.

I don't like sandwiches unless they're toasted.

My favorite place to be is on the beach. I like to run around and play, but I also love to lay and read.

Uninterrupted dinner conversations with my husband are my favorite.

I feel really guilty taking me time.

I've been blessed more than I could have ever dreamed. My life is infinitely sweeter than I ever imagined.