Weekend Fun: Outside Time, a Race and Family Fun!

We had a great weekend! The last few weekends have been really busy, but this weekend, while full, was relaxing.

We had to go to the Verizon store Friday night and while we were there, these two cuties had fun playing with all the tablets. I think they could sell them. When we finished there, we went to our favorite restaurant in town for a quick bite to eat.

It rained so much last week that the boys' soccer game for Saturday morning was cancelled. It ended up working out great though as I had a race. Instead of us all rushing to soccer, we were able to hang out at the race festivities. I'll do a full recap soon, but I PR'd and broke 20 minutes in a 5K race for the first time ever. To say I'm ecstatic is an understatement.

After the race, there was live music, food and a kids race. At one point, I looked over at Kaden and he was just beaming with happiness. It was his kind of morning. While Kevin and I were getting ready, he got an oatmeal cream pie out of the pantry and ate it before breakfast, which he then ate. After the race, a group was giving out popcorn and cotton candy, so we had to try that. If you know our Kaden, you know he loves snacks like me. We had a happy guy!

The boys wanted to run the kids fun run, so we watched them do that. They both darted our so fast! I'm so excited that they like and want to run races. One of my favorite memories is still the day K.C. and I ran a 2K together and he held my hand the entire run.

We spent a lot of time outside Saturday afternoon. It was gorgeous. The boys rode their scooters and played. I'm so thankful for the beautiful sunshine we had all weekend!

Late Saturday afternoon, we went over to Kevin's parents. His dad had some baby duck eggs and one hatched. They bought two more ducklings so the one that hatched wouldn't be lonely. The boys were thrilled to play with them and I think Kaden may have scared the ducks a few times as he chased them around.

I also went to visit my granddad who's in a rehab facility still and then went back to Kevin's parents for spaghetti.

After church yesterday, we went down to my parents' house for lunch and to visit. We had a great time and spent most of the afternoon outside. I love that the boys enjoy being out in the country and doing many of the things I remember doing with my dad with their Hot Rod. My sister also just got a puppy, so we got to play with it.

Kaden at Hot Rod's "Candy Store"

On our way home, we worked with the boys on using the phone. They know how to answer it and know the phone number, but when you think about it, they haven't ever really had to dial the number. We taught them how to call from the favorites button by looking at the names and how to dial the number. They laughed and laughed as they used my phone to call Kevin's.

This week is supposed to be gorgeous! I can't wait to spend some time outside soaking up the sunshine. While the first day after the time change is challenging - ahem, this morning - I love having the extra daylight when we get home.

How was your weekend?

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